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Medical Insurance for Non British Visitors?

I have a relative coming over from Pakistan to stay in the u.k for 3-4 months, does anybody know how I would go about getting medical insurance for him?
And also does anybody know any specific companies that offer this and any personal reccomendations?
Thanks in advance.

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5 Responses to “Medical Insurance for Non British Visitors?”

  1. Andy said :

    AIG is one of the best known. There must be many others.

    Why not ring American Express travel insurance on 0800 028 7573 and ask them what they have to offer for tourists comint TO the UK.

  2. Gary H said :

    I would recommend that your pakistani visitor talks to his health insurer in Pakistan before he comes over. (If insured) You can extend the health insurance coverage internationally, for which he would have to pay extra premiums.
    This is the easiest way, as as far as I could understand in your question, he does not intend to work.
    If he works, providing he has a permit, then he would be automatically insured through the NHS as far as I know.

  3. nomad said :

    Consult your GP, he will give best advice.

  4. HealthCare International said :

    You can get Travel Insurance online from HealthCare International ( HealthCare International specialises in Expatriate (Traveller) insurance. HCI is based in London.

  5. ROBERT T said :



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