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Do you Americans fell insecure with you medical insurance?

Do you Americans fell insecure with you medical insurance or lack of it, do you lay awake at night wondering if the policy is good enough to cover everything that might happen and please before you jump down my throat remember Christopher Reeves he had insurance and money but died poor and broke

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12 Responses to “Do you Americans fell insecure with you medical insurance?”

  1. jessicacalvey said :

    You get what yu pay for and anything is better than the NHS. In Britain you go into hospital for a broken arm and die of MRSA.

  2. American2006 said :

    I don’t. Do you feel insecure knowing that so many people from other countries come to America to get their medical cares because it’s the best in the world?

  3. drgnrdr451 said :

    No actually I have pretty good insurance. So… no worries.

  4. Fast Eddie B said :

    Hardly; after all, we have access to the latest drugs and procedures and your system is a pretty sorry excuse for “national health care” – s/be called “national wait-in-line for weeks, months, or years”, shouldn’t it?

  5. c.barla said :

    Nope. My needs are covered. I lay awake at night fearful about how many deadbeats I’m going to be required to pick up the tab for. At that point, my needs may be placed in jeopardy to provide for complete strangers I couldn’t care less about. That is what makes me insecure.

  6. Ron said :

    My insurance is very good. My last hospital stay, for 2 days, was about $15,000.00. I had to pay $100.00 My insurance covered the rest, including lab, x-rays, medication etc.

  7. hdean45 said :

    No I am happy with my insurance. I had to take my wife to the hospital on Wed. and guess what they didn’t put her on a waiting list, she was admitted immediately. With Universal Health Care she would probably have died at home waiting for some bureaucrat to give his/her approval.

  8. 3D Farms said :

    Yes , yes and yes !!!!
    My husband worked at John Deere’s 35 years and we had excellent medical insurance , but just when we are of an age when we really need it and have developed medical problems , I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep it . It seems to change from day to day and so many that counted on it , no longer can . Same with pensions . You work for years , thinking you have earned something and the Government lets your company take it away . That’s not American !!!

  9. joyce s said :

    It is mind boggling that not everyone in America [legal Americans] does not have basic health care. Disgusting, shame on our government

  10. Namtrac said :

    Christopher Reeve did not die broke. And while I’m happy with my own insurance, I think the whole industry needs a major shake down. While the companies are getting rich, too many people are being bled dry trying to pay for insurance that refuses to pay when they should. Socialized medicine is not the answer, contrary to what Hillary thinks. The government just needs to start cracking some heads and regulating the crooks who run the industry.

  11. dinamuk said :

    Yes, but Christopher Reeves left his wife Millions.

    No, I feel secure.

    I just don’t want the commie Democrats to Ruin our Health Care, which is the best in the world.

    It’s the shyster lawyers, like John Edwards, that have driven up the price of Insurance and Health Care.

    The Sissy Edwards, made millions & millions suing doctors with frivioulous lawsuits.

  12. RayN-is-back said :

    You guys are as bad as the Russian were a few years back! C Reeves had millions in his wife name Good God man,why don’t y’all watch something other than that crap BBC If you don’t have insurance we,by law,must take care of you If you have insurance you get the best care in the world


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