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What if a person won’t have a medical insurance in the future?

Lets say that in the future (2040 or 2100),the technology is far more advance than it is today. The people who would have medical insurance will be fine and treated well, but how will the people who won’t have medical insurance be treated?

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4 Responses to “What if a person won’t have a medical insurance in the future?”

  1. starryskyn said :

    Pres. Obama will make sure that everyone will have insurance. But, to pay for it, we will all be taxed until we are too broke to buy food, shelter, or transportation. That’s the way it will go.

  2. Irv S said :

    Get a grip!
    Insurance is far over-rated.
    Those companies are in business to make money.
    They pay out a whole lot less than they take in.
    On the average, if you bank the premiums you pay for the insurance,
    you’ll have enough to pay for the treatment.
    This Insurance business, on the whole, has done nothing
    but increase the over-all cost of your medical care.
    Let the Government get involved, and it will get even worse.

  3. Nyx said :

    That’s been an age old problem for humanity. It’s called “The Have’s” verses “The Have Nots”.

    Depending on the country, the poor’s medical problems will be treated as an obligation by the State. Other countries, the poor’s medical problems will go unheeded by the State.

    Here in the U.S., its a patchwork of medical coverage falls somewhere in between. The Federal Government does have some provisions for treatment of the poor, but not for all. Some States also provide limited medical coverage for the poor as well.

  4. afthefragile said :

    like how they are being treated now?

    They’ve gotta pay for their treatment.
    Or if they live in a pseudo-socialist country, the government pays for their treatment.

  5. pretty little liars aria and ezra said :

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