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UK only – Is it possible to get a dog insurance policy – only for third person liability?

I have a dog whose general medical insurance is covered – can I just buy a policy which will protect me if he was to bite someone? Not that he bites – but better to be safe than sorry.

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6 Responses to “UK only – Is it possible to get a dog insurance policy – only for third person liability?”

  1. pottersboy said :
  2. nanook570 said :

    most policies cover you if your dog was to cause personal damage to someone,this is incurred in the legal expenses if that person was to sue.My dogs are insured with more than and from what i can remember,it gives you a good couple of millions for legal expenses.Check your dog’s policy and i think you’ll find you’ll be covered.

  3. mbrcatz17 said :

    How much are you willing to pay? MOST of the time, you can by ANY type of insurance – if you’re willing to pay enough.

    The cost effective way to do this, however, depending on his breed, is to buy a renter’s insurance policy. If he’s a high risk breed, you’ll have to be willing to pay thousands.

  4. welcome news said :

    Why not check your house contents insurance policy – you may find it already covered!

  5. jamesinderby said :

    Try asking Castlecover. they are a bunch of nice people and should know the answer.

  6. gavin said :

    For insurance products, please take a look at Lots of positive experiences and very competitively priced.


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