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What can I do , my medical insurance send me a missprint brocher with the wrong amont of co payments?

I visited my medical insurance office in person because I cannot get a straight answer from them over the phone. When I asked them a question and showed them my back up they told me my copy was a missprint. I don’t think so, how many other people received a missprint, why hasn’t the misprint been corrected. Is there anything I can do about this problem legally/
Please give me your suggestions.

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3 Responses to “What can I do , my medical insurance send me a missprint brocher with the wrong amont of co payments?”

  1. blesshisname2005 said :

    No misprints happen all the time the only thing you can do is get over it.

  2. tammy said :

    i hope somebody understands your question for you, because i sure don’t…it makes no sense

    well, there you go…get over it…what’s the big stinky deal?

    yea, good luck with getting free legal advice for that type of problem…ignore the misprint…i guarantee you, they are covered with tiny print that says what it needs to say to protect them from printing errors…what matters is what it says on the contract, not the stupid brochure…do you understand?

  3. betterberry said :

    First of all your question is very clear. Sorry for the stupid people that dont have a clue. Anyways,

    For a more definite answer call a lawyer. It won’t cost you anything just to call and ask. In some cases I am sure that if you did pursue this case you would only have to pay what the brochure stated since they haven’t sent anything to correct the problem. Good Luck


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