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Is Iritis classed as an existing medical conditon for travel insurance?


I have had 3 bouts of Iritis in the past and have been diagnosed with a gene that makes me more likely to have another occurance than someone that does not have the gene in their body, at the same time I could go for the rest of my life and never have another occurenece.

I need to get travel insurance for a long trip away and was therefore wondering if Iritis is classed as an existing medical condition that should be declared?


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3 Responses to “Is Iritis classed as an existing medical conditon for travel insurance?”

  1. trailblazer said :

    It is always best to declare existing conditions, as you are then more likely to get cover, should you need treatment whilst away from home.

  2. aanglea said :

    sure -in the US, the complication of “pre existing” conditions will be moot. check with your insurer if you have further questions.

  3. luddite said :

    Yes! If you don’t declare it you will never get the insurance company to pay up.


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