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What are some reasons why Americans do not purchase medical insurance other than the cost?

Lets face it, medical insurance is expensive and is the number one reason why most Americans cannot afford health care coverage. While many employees can purchase health insurance through their job, other employees cannot purchase health coverage if they are self employed or work at an employment site that does not provide health coverage.
In your opinion, what would you say are reasons why Americans do not decide to purchase medical insurance other than the cost of getting health care?

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6 Responses to “What are some reasons why Americans do not purchase medical insurance other than the cost?”

  1. tboznchilli said :

    its expensive.

  2. kathleen l said :

    One of the reasons I have health insurance is for the QUALITY of the care you get. With no insurance private hospitals can turn you away.

  3. Spaz, the crybaby said :

    Not being able to find the (affordable) plan with the coverage you personally require. Each person has specific coverage they need, but might be hard to find (that’s doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and your firstborn).

    For example, I was uninsured for a few months earlier this year because it took a while to find a plan that included what I need. I’m a healthy *knock on wood* non-smoker, so there are a ton of plans who’ll accept me. BUT I need one that includes dental and eye and (most importantly) is accepted by my current doctor, dentist, optometrist, and the hospital near me. I wouldn’t settle for a plan that didn’t cover what I need, and that would make me drive 50 miles to the nearest medical professional.

  4. the_beave said :

    Other than the cost, for a person like me it’s not worth it. I’m healthy, other than my yearly physical/checkup, I end up paying more for insurance than I would just paying every time I see the doctor out-of-pocket. The downside is if I were to get injured, or get some kind of disease by chance, then I would be screwed with medical bills for years and years to come.

  5. PENDRAGON said :

    Besides the high cost of insurance when it’s purchase independently from individual people and, families. Another reason why people don’t purchase insurance is because of the many hidden stipulations a lot of them have. Some insurance companies will tell you that you’re purchasing full coverage but, fail to inform their customers that their insurance won’t cover certain illnesses, surgery’s and in some cases doctor visits for minor cases. In some of those cases, an individual can have insurance but, will still have to pay full price for a doctor visit and, prescription medicines which even for a common flu can add up to be very expensive.

    With that said, many people feel why should they waste their money on an insurance policy that won’t even cover 1/4 of a doctors visit.

  6. Forbundet med hé…¶jdepunkter said :

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