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Can I use my medical insurance coverage on somebody else besides me?

I got a medical plan coverage but my mom doesn’t. I was wondering if I can use my coverage to get her some prescription drugs. She used to have medical insurance but ever since she got laid off, she’s unable to pay for drugs which she needs to have in order for her to be healthy. It is hard for her to pay full price so I was wondering if I can use my medical benifits to get her the drugs she needs?
alright thanks. Good thing I asked or else I’ll be doing something illegal LOL. I’ll see if i can add her to my plan

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5 Responses to “Can I use my medical insurance coverage on somebody else besides me?”

  1. Baby Girl due May 21! said :

    nope, that’s illegal. you may be able to add her to your plan though.

  2. 2Cute2B4Got said :

    No you cannot. What you can do, is cover her on your medical plan at work, then she could getthe meds.

    Until then she needs to apply for Medicaid/Medicare.

  3. Lou C said :

    no, it is fraud.

  4. Cribber said :

    No. First of all the pharmacy checks the card against the patient on the script. Secondly, that is called insurance fraud and you would probably get 3-4 years in prison for it. I worked twenty yrs at a health insurance company, and they actually had a whole fraud unit dedicated to exactly what you describe. You have a big heart but you would get caught for sure.

  5. Firefly said :

    Legally, you can’t. But if the drugs get prescribed to you instead, then you can go and get it for her, although that’s technically ‘illegal’.


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