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What types of people take out Private Medical Insurance in UK?

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12 Responses to “What types of people take out Private Medical Insurance in UK?”

  1. angel said :

    I don’t know what type, but I am one of that type of people.

  2. jimobasa said :

    Ordinary people who don’t want to take a chance on the NHS

  3. chalmondely said :

    the wealthier type

  4. SYJ said :

    Those who can afford it and have the common sense to do so. With the NHS becoming useless it pays to look after your own health as it seems NHS could not care less. Even giving up a few favourite expenses can make the difference between getting immediate treatment or waiting until it is too late for help to appear.

  5. pianowez said :

    I guess if you care for your health and can afford it then it makes sense to take out private insurance. Personally I don’t. If the government allowed us the choice of not paying National Insurance and paying for our own medical cover I’d definitely do that.

  6. Jon S said :

    dont know if there is a “type” but you can bet yer bottom dollar that everyone who has private medical ins has been in a NHS hospital at least once!

  7. harryhotun said :

    rich people.

  8. earl said :

    people who dont trust the NHS.

  9. nicola155733 said :

    Eerm sensible people.

  10. Denise B said :

    people who can afford it

  11. Sheila C said :

    Mainly people who can afford the monthly subscriptions, which can be crippling. A lot of people get this through their work with the employers taking it out on their behalf.

  12. ejaculate more said :

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