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How to take medical insurance for foreigners in short term visa in Japan?

My mother in law is here in Japan on a short term visa(3 months). She had sprained her hand in India while coming here and is bothering her a lot. We heard that it would be very costly in the hospitals without medical insurance. As she might need to take xray and other medicines. We would like to know how we can take medical insurance for foreign nationals on short term visa in Japan. I thank u in advance for answering my query.

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3 Responses to “How to take medical insurance for foreigners in short term visa in Japan?”

  1. Seiryū said :

    I’d suggest that you call the embassy of your country in Japan.
    I’m not sure what policies Japan has about foreigners in Japan, but I would think that you would have to get insurance from your own country or at least through your country you could ask about this?
    List of Embassies, Consulates, and International Organizations in Japan:

    I hope this helps. Also, I would suggest that you keep your question open for others to answer.

  2. zerkova said :

    I also think to consult consulate is the best way.
    Some websites say as the following, about health insurance. (Please note I’m not an expert.)

    1. Only foreign nationals who stay on over one year visa can be a member of National Health (kokumin kenko hoken).
    Please read the second page of “Outline of National Health Insurance”.
    2. If you are working in a company and are a member of health insurance of your company, she might be covered occasionally.
    (By the way, didn’t she insure overseas travel insurance before leaving for?)

  3. kweed said :

    This reminds me of the old cliche about buying homeowners insurance while your house is on fire. You now have a pre-existing condition and will likely not get any help covering it. Insurance companies are not charities.


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