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Travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions (UK)?

Can anybody recommend a travel insurance company that specialises in travel insurance for people with pre-exisiting medical conditions in the UK? Thanks.

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5 Responses to “Travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions (UK)?”

  1. Jeff 01 said :

    Try this site>
    it may be of use.

  2. Rob k said :

    Yea , my mother has a couple of medical condictions, last two trips abroad she’s used SAGA

    Good Luck have a brill hol

  3. MICHAEL A said :

    If your condition is recognised by any support group, then they should be able to refer you to an insurance company that will take you on without ripping you off.
    Most of them are associated with insurance companies for this purpose especially.
    It worked for us with our son.

    Happy hunting.

  4. welcome news said :

    A lot depends on the nature of the conditions, if a specialist is involved and any changes to medication as well as the length of the conditions.

    You could try for a range of companies all of whcih will consider pre-existing medical conditions. If the conditions are not too serious the best bet would be the BIBA travel scheme (if they quote) as if they accept the condition they won’t increase the premium.

  5. scullion.foredo said :

    Most will cover pre-existing medical conditions that are under control or have not caused recent problems. You HAVE to tell them about the conditions and they have to agree to cover them. Some charge a small extra premium but nothing outrageous. The drawback is that their on-line forms can’t cope with this routine event so you have to phone them which means you lose your on-line discount.

    I declared a medical condition and the insurer accepted it on the phone. Then they sent through the policy which said “pre-existing medical conditions are only covered if accepted in writing by the insurer” so I phoned them again to request written confirmation. They said they don’t do that but that I am covered. I am pretty sure they’d refuse to pay out if WE hadn’t complied with a policy condition but we are supposed to trust them when they breach their own conditions. Anyway – it’s something to look out for.


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