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What is the most affordable health insurance?

What is the most affordable health insurance? Where can I find affordable health insurance for my family? What is the best web site with online quote? Any answer will be appreciated.

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11 Responses to “What is the most affordable health insurance?”

  1. tonalc2 said :

    There’s really no way to know, not knowing the health particulars about your family (pre-existing conditions, where you live, job, etc.).

    I recommend you just go to the websites of the big companies for a general idea–Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Aetna, etc. There are also some sites that will give you multiple quotes, such as

  2. PJTPA said :

    there is no such thing as a good deal on health insurance. Insurance thrives on waste and over-expenditure. That’s how it works. We throw a bunch of money in a pile and the insurance company, after paying huge salaries and bonuses, decides whether or not they’re going to give back what we need when we need it.

  3. kdiesel said :

    Canadian, were not held hostage by insurance companies. and insurance companies aren’t allow to spread rumours of death panels.
    I pay $900.00 dollars a year basic and another $900.00 for extra coverage.

  4. MJG said :

    You can have online quotes from this site

  5. Alaina said : will give you an estimate of how much health insurance will cost.

  6. JupiterJack said :

    Well, its tough to know for sure, the best way is to shop around and get a bunch of quotes from both local and national companies. I’ve got a few that I have used listed and rated on my blog.

  7. Health Advisor said :

    The most productive way is to talk to an agent. Service is free and quoting is from all of the A-rated insurance carriers. Check out this site or call 877-442-5878 ext 13, ask for Kevin.

  8. ashley said :

    Check out this site, if you want to find the best or the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

    Here you can get free quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an afforable health insurance with a reliable company.

    Best Wishes,

  9. Umzugsfirma said :

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  10. years said :

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  11. Rolando Vitaniemi said :

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