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What is the best speed of jogging to lose fat?

i would like to know whether it’s better to jog slowly for 30 minutes, barely making me out of breath. or a faster medium paced jog for 10 minutes which i am completely out of breath at the end.
I am trying to lose the fat around my belly for holiday (3 months) and I want to know the best jogging technique to lose it quickly, i heard cardio was the best for losing fat

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6 Responses to “What is the best speed of jogging to lose fat?”

  1. Santanu M said :

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  2. George A said :

    run at 8/9 min mile speed for 20 minutes

    and that belly will go pretty quickly

  3. Designer07 said :

    In the fitness world there is this thing called the “fat burning zone” however those of us in the medical field have found that to be of very little importance. If you are in good health then it is always beneficial to push yourself and get your heart rate up but the most important aspect of a workout program is whether the person will do it or not. So i suggest running 30 minutes slow when you want to and run fast for 10 or 15 minutes when you want to. Both of them are very good for you. Don’t forget to watch your calorie intake though because our hunger mechanisms are extremely in tune with our body and you might not realize it but when you exercise your body will tell you to eat more but that will just keep you at your original weight. look up the harris benedict equation, it will be helpful. also consider weight training, it’s very good for weight loss. Good luck to you! it’s all about consistency so set some goals and stick to them and you will get the results you want!

  4. Brian F said :

    Use interval training. Run as fast as you can for 40 seconds interval with a moderate jog for 20 seconds and keep repeating.

  5. Jack Rabbit said :
  6. Daphne Gones said :

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