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What is the best way lose weight, but not dieting exactly?

I love chocolate, but how can i lose weight and still eat desserts? And what are other ways to lose weight?
I jog every weeknight at least 1 mile and a half for excersize, is that enough?

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10 Responses to “What is the best way lose weight, but not dieting exactly?”

  1. freshbliss said :

    easy – reduce your calories in other areas, and increase your activity.

    Those are the laws of physics – you cant lose weight unless you obey them.

  2. Dianne said :

    Move more and eat less.

  3. meemo_xx said :

    Of course you can loose weight and still eat dessert, only eat portion sizes and exercise to burn off what fatty and sugar filled food you do eat!

  4. <~Petey~> said :

    all i can think of is doing alot of drugs or getting surgery… other than that i think diet and exercise is your best option.

  5. sunshine a said :

    lypo, no really just taking small steps in eatin a little less fatty foods and being more active, whether its runnin or walkin to the store or across a bridge or whatever

  6. carpetrug01 said :

    completely cut out any kind of food that comes in a package, such as lipton sides, microwave dinners — etc. Replace them with fresh or frozen vegetables but not canned.

  7. wolfman the MFER2 said :

    eat less…. shittt more

  8. 4everinschool said :

    Learn to make them less fattening. I can make Brownies for 80 cal and quite choc-lacious!!!

  9. bill s said :

    Lots of interests and dedicated into it. Put your mind in a top goal, this will take energy from you and almost automatically will lead your behaviour from thinking of food to thinking of your goal. Eating become a must and you will think too when you eat because you want to be healthy to be able to reach your goal. Excercise also become a must for the same reason. And…mind you will be a more atractive person too.

  10. Nana said :

    You can download this free special report on Weight Loss Without Dieting here


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