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What is an easy simple way to lose weight?

I am a 10 year old and weigh 140 pounds. I need to lose serious weight. I don’t want to tell anyone and i need an easy way to do it on my own. Please give me useful answers.

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5 Responses to “What is an easy simple way to lose weight?”

  1. AET said :

    Only eat one meal a day and exercise a lot!

  2. HoPeFuL said :

    Well you need to 3 (NOT 1) healthy meals a day and start doing some excersize.

  3. Rayne A said :

    Losing weight is fairly easy, even to those with sluggish metabolisms. The best way is to eat natural, and healthy foods. You need to stay active, try for 1/2 an hour of exercise daily, but the more the better.
    Ways to exercise without a gym:
    -Push-ups or Sit-ups. Build up enough stamina to do around 4 sets of fifty in the morning.
    -Jump rope, sound silly, but it works.

    It’s impossible to lose already gained fat with just exercise. You need to have the healthy diet to balance away the extra fat cells. Exercise develops muscles, which sculpt your body.

    ALSO: remember that it isn’t healthy to lose too much weight too quickly. And if you lose that large amount of weight fast, more likely than not it will come back- and your metabolism will suffer- thus making your efforts futile in the long run.

  4. Anna said :

    okay your 10 years old, thats wayy to young to worry about it now. if you starve yourself your body reacts by storing your fat the fat not loosing it. Drastic weight lose is also bad, your body will not like it and will crash. Eat plenty of healthy foods and excerise, dosent have to be rigouruis start out slow then get the workout harder. and healthy foods include nothing out of a box.

  5. guera said :

    Ok, DON’t listen to AET, if you can, eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day (5-6 SMALL meals a day), I know it sounds crazy eating more often, but eating more often speeds up your metabolism, which helps burn fat. Eating healthy snacks though like fruits and veggies, fruits in the morning and veggies more toward the end of the day. Fiber (which is found in most veggies) helps keep your stomach feeling full and satisfied, so you won’t starve of feel hungry. And of course exercise, if you have the time it’s better in the morning, so that you have more energy throughout the day. 😀


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