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What exercise will help me tone and slim?

I want too loose a few pounds. I’m getting into running. Can Yoga help me slim done. And what exercises will help me slim?

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7 Responses to “What exercise will help me tone and slim?”

  1. holly said :

    pilates is brilliant

  2. Good grief said :

    Keep on with the running, great exercise, you will really notice the difference after a couple of months. Yoga will also help you tone up, in fact both of them will help you relax too, I find running great ‘thinking’ time, does wonders for me.

  3. grayhambone said :

    pushups – away from the table. and it’s “lose”. you may want “loose” clothing, though..

  4. Blackrock said :

    cycling, running, swimming regularly will help increase metabolic rate and increase your fitness, they will tone too.

    Pilates, yoga will help tone.

    Walking at pace also works.

  5. BAZH said :

    its very very simple – you must burn more energy than you eat.

    If you run a lot that will help. But even if you run 1 hour a day you will only increase energy consumption 10-15%. Consider reducing your food intake as well, as its more effective. Clasp you hands together, the size of the two hands clasped together is the size of meal you should eat.

    running is great exercise as it uses the biggest muscles in the body, those in our thighs. These big muscles can burn heaps of energy so if your not using them your really not going to loose weight. A bicycle is also very good, try riding to work/school/the shops to make the exercise part of things you have to to do anyway. Polities is a fancy name for stretching, it won’t burn enough energy.

  6. Michelle said :

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