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What are some extreme diets that reduces significant belly fat fast?

I know I asked an earlier question about moderate diet plans, but I just need to see what other options are available to reduce significant belly fat fast. Again, I need to lose my 30 lbs of belly fat. Tell me the drastic diet plans that have worked for you. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “What are some extreme diets that reduces significant belly fat fast?”

  1. lsschultze said :

    Be very careful with extreme dieting. You can do major damage with some of the things people will tell you work. The problem with losing weight fast is that you body wasn’t built to do it. it took weeks to put it on, so it is going to take weeks to take it off. When you cut calories drastically your body will kick in it’s natural defense mechanisms to hold on to fat stores and burn muscle for energy instead. There is a certain amount of fat that is vital for survial (4% body fat in men and ~8-10% for women). When push comes to shove, your body will begin dumping muscle to fat.

    Set goals. Get a diet plan in place. Start doing some exercise (jumping jacks are easy and a great simple one). Set yourself up for success. Put a stake in the ground and say regardless of the number of times you stumble, you are going to get back up and try again.

  2. arch0049 said :

    There is only one proven answer to decrease belly fat (besides having it cut out)… ITS CARDIO. Pills, foods, lotions and everything else do not work. You need to increase the amount of cardio you do and decrease the amount of calories you eat.

    Belly fat is actually the easiest body fat to lose. Since it is close to your vital organs it is easist to enter the blood stream and be burned through exercise.


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