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Do vegetarian diets help lose fat fast?

I’m 16.. I have about 1 inch of belly fat covering my abs.. If I switch to a stricked vegetarian diet and exercise regulary will I see fast results

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11 Responses to “Do vegetarian diets help lose fat fast?”

  1. Adam F said :

    Hell no, I worked with a strick vegitarian and he was 5’8 280.

  2. *SoapySuds* said :

    The strict vegetarian diet won’t help you lose weight. Just change your diet, eat less red meats, more chicken and stuff like that. NO SODA! And exercise

  3. Da Great 1 said :

    no you won’t
    and in order to lose fat you need to do cardiovascular exercises and burn more calories then you consume

  4. D L-N<3 said :

    It doesn’t work for me because I am still the same size.
    But then again, I don’t exercise. xD
    If you do decide to try it though, make sure you are getting the vitamins and protein you need.
    Good luck!

  5. thatisright said :


    YES! You will see fast results. Also, without the meat in your system you will also feel healthier.

    When I was trying to lose weight, I found that it was a bit more difficult if I consumed meat. When I replaced my meat with fish or no meat at all (I consumed protein in other forms such as nuts) the weight fell off, quite literally.

    I don’t suggest just going vegetarian unless you have located yourself a really good menu that will provide you with all of the necessary nutrients for a remaining healthy.

  6. Keith Z said :

    you will get some kind of tips related to vegetarian diet exercise on health sites which could guide you basically whats main theme being young and active in life

    check following link which can guide you more about health maintenance

  7. shebek said :

    Vegetarian no, but vegan probably. In vegetarian you still include dairy products and may be eggs, which is full of animal fats just like meat and even more. Bun in vegan you do lose some weight, although I don’t know how fast and how much. Simply you don’t give your body animal fats and it has to use its own resources. But, if you consume too much carbohidrates, i.g. sweets, bread, rice, in spite of being vegan food and containing no fats, your body may store the carbohidrates as a source of energy in the form of fat cells. So it is all about moderation. If you become vegan, but don’t indulge in sweets and overeating, you can have success.

    Good luck

  8. southerncutie19 said :

    Yes, if you eat only vegetables and exercise regularly, you will lose weight.

    However, at your young age, you might not understand that REAL vegetarians (yes, I remember the ones in high school that pretended to be vegetarians…a lot of that was to get attention, btw), actually research and find out what kinds of nutrients that their body needs that they can only get from meat.

    If you’re only going on the vegetarian diet to lose weight, I don’t blame you, because the majority of most Americans fat grams come from meat….however, if you want to stop eating meats for more than a month, you want to be certain to take your daily vitamins, and eat tofu, peanut butter, or SOMETHING to get your dailty doses of protein, especially if you are starting your vegetarian diet all of a sudden, because your body will not be able to handle it if it’s all of a sudden.

    Take your vitamins, eat tofu, fruits, and veggies, and exercise, and you will lose the weight. Good luck!

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