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What are good workouts to do to lose weight fast ?

Right now i am 170 lbs. And i’m going on vacation on feb 20 and i would like to be at least 150 lbs by then. What are the best workouts that will be effective? My body is proportionate, i’m not apple or pear shaped, its all even. So what would work best and fastest?

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3 Responses to “What are good workouts to do to lose weight fast ?”

  1. Fsdffds said :

    run outside with a black hoodie and for food the best thing to do is to eat about 6-8 meals per day not high in fat, most people think if they dont eat alot they wont gain weight but the truth is that, since you wont eat alot your body will be like “since this bich doesnt eat alot, ill store it ass fat just incase she doesnt eat “. but if you eat alot of small fat free meal your body will be like ” ill give these vitamins to my body since ill eat more later”

  2. spade01000 said :

    Truth About Abs

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    Good luck!

  3. The Wild Man said :

    try the Lil jack workolut
    it really helps


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