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What is good way to work out and lose weight fast?

I’ve been doing 30 min of cardio every day like running etc* but Now I work out and i am not losing any weight does anyone have suggestions

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7 Responses to “What is good way to work out and lose weight fast?”

  1. mango head said :

    Jog up and down stone steps any place you could find them, preferably a hilly park or a hilly area…. It helps!

  2. weirdo dude said :


  3. eternal666 said :

    give it time with the running, but its also your diet hope your eating a lot of veg and fruit otherwise your just burning your fat off whatever your eating ie junk food.

    try sit ups and push ups then in the matter of days you will feel much better and worse lol

    then in say 2 weeks you will notice your body changing i have with mine .

    fight through the pain and stay at it you will get there.

  4. mblov87 said :

    Burn more calories, than you consume.

  5. Michael J said :

    Weight loss and losing weight is as much about diet is about exercise. I would say that diet is more important. You maybe burning calories when doing cardio but how many are you consuming through your diet? I’m trying to lose weight at the moment as well and i am using an online weight loss program and diet plan called Australian Lifestyle & Fitness
    They give you weight loss exercises, weight loss tips and also a diet to help you lose weight.

  6. Louis S said :

    I came across this great product for weight loss (all nautral) and it was excellent for me (it’s a detox colon cleanse). Together with a good diet and exercise I am finally happy with my body and the way I look. You should check this product at , they have a free trial and you only pay $4.95 shipping and handling. A must!

  7. ayshenkoy said :


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