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What are good ways for a teenage guy to lose weight?

I am going to start jogging 5-10miles a day and cut out the dr. peppers. I lost my student id and wont get a new one untill september so i cant use the school weight room. I dont necessarily have to “lose weight” but I would love to get rid of the unwanted belly fat. Any tips (or methods that allow me to keep dr. pepper…) would be much appreciated!

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2 Responses to “What are good ways for a teenage guy to lose weight?”

  1. corrinafaith said :

    In addition to the running that you are going to be doing, you may also want to work in several other workouts. There are workouts that you don’t necessarily need a gym for. You could even try finding a workout video and going along with it in your room or something? I diet and exercise regularly and i am able to keep drinking Pepsi.

    For example: ; those are some “at home” exercises you might be able to look into. You could always buy some in expensive hand held weights to add to “at home” exercises to increase the fat/calorie burn for added muscle.

    You also want to watch your fat and calorie intake. Try this website on information on calories: . You don’t have to start counting calories or fat grams, but just watch the intake to make sure you’re not taking in too many because if you do eat any too calories/fat grams it could cancel out all your hard work.

    I hope this information helps & good luck!

  2. trainsmart30 said :

    joggin is good for your cardiorespiratory system but its not the solution for belly fat necessarily. try to add some resistance exercises ( no need weights) try push ups , squats , pull ups . you can try a circuit as follows sprint 200 metres, 10 pushups, 10 squats , walk (active rest) for 2 minutes . repeat circuit 4 times. this increases your post exercise calorie consumption so you are burning calories long after your workout. doesnt happen while jogging. all the best.


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