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What activities should I do to lose weight during the snowy months?

I live in Michigan and it’s snowy and cold outside so running is out of the question for exercise. Any ideas on how to lose weight inside.

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4 Responses to “What activities should I do to lose weight during the snowy months?”

  1. Daisy said :

    Well I know what you mean about the cold. i live in Nebraska! I look at everything as a chance to exercise. I run in place while watching tv. I go up in down the stirs as often as possible. I do knee bends while on the phone. I walk around the house when I’m on the phone also. I just try to put a little exercise in most of the regular things I do.

  2. moira said :

    you can check out online dieting programs.

  3. Bart M said :

    It’s actually wicked idea to go outside and have an activity called: SNOW FIGHT. It’s cool as you would have to run and thus lose some weight! But Be Aware! SNOW FIGHTS ARE ADDICTIVE! You want more and more! :). I Guarantee You Will Lose Some Weight like that.

  4. Else C said :

    You can do weight lifting and using diet pills will help you to lose weight faster. I’m using one it’s called Proactol and it helps me very much.


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