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well im 13 years old and i need to loose weight realli fast.what shall i do?

im 13 years old
nd i need to loose like 7 very quickly but how?

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7 Responses to “well im 13 years old and i need to loose weight realli fast.what shall i do?”

  1. Ness x] said :

    eat healthy NO CRAP!!! run , crunches, hula hoop

  2. chendamoni said :

    Cut out all the soda, energy drinks, juice, etc and drink WATER only. Cut out all the junk food, do not eat between meals, and start jogging. The longer you jog, the better, so don’t break out in a sprint! A leisurely thirty minute jog will help you more than a ten-minute there’s-a-bear-chasing-me run will.

  3. MissThickness said :

    One word


  4. d love <3 said :

    Be careful and don’t fall to the extremes…But here are some tips
    DON’T DRINK ANYTHING BUT WATER…and drink a lot of water!
    whenever you want something sweet chew low cal. gum instead(it helps you loose calories too)
    eat less grains and starches
    walk the long way everywhere you go
    focus on the target area you want to loose weight in
    EX. stomach: do sit ups and crunches; arms: do arm circles and push ups; legs: run and leg lifts

    if your doing this to get at a specific weight for something (example: wrestling)
    don’t do tons and tons of exercise because you will gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat…
    Good luck! Just be careful!

  5. Thomas said :

    It is feasible to lose weight quickly but you should be realistic and understand that if you lose weight rapidly then you will without doubt put it all back on again just as rapidly. I lost 9 pounds during the last couple of weeks when I had a special celebration to go to, and I did it by following the instruction presented on the site in the box below.

  6. Cuppycake said :

    im 19 now and have been dieting since i was about 7/8! i dont know if its just me or if its to do with being obsessed with dieting that i developed an eating disorder.

    my advice to you? your only 13! chances are you look lovely and dont need to lose weight at all! you shouldnt be worried about that, its not worth it chick.

    if you feel you have to lose a little weight just exercise as much as you can! its the fastest way to lose weight. drink lots of water too, speeds up weight loss and gives you great skin. just eat regularly and if you can cope with the taste drink lots of green tea! it has lots of anti oxidants. it speeds up your metabolism, it has like no calories and you will feel better about yourself!

    ignore all the silly fad diets and dont get obsessed please. best of luck =) xxx

  7. Alexa B said :

    thats a good question. eat lots of good. yummy, ohh i got to go eat sorry im hungry and my 280 pound boyfriend is taking me to mcdonalds. all the best.


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