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how can i look sinnyer quickly ? i just need to loose weight ! ?

im 14 and im not huge but i want to loose weight 🙂 dont want to be anoreic or anything but its to cold to go running and stuff ! i thought about just not eating and stuff but i get hungry far to much !
i just need to loosee weight and look thinner ! anyone got any tips on things i can eat that will fill me and i wont put on wight ?

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4 Responses to “how can i look sinnyer quickly ? i just need to loose weight ! ?”

  1. drea D said :

    celery is good. just eating fruis and vegetables.
    wearing black makes you look thinner.
    taking ex lax. you can eat all you want and not have to worry about anything;)

  2. Stuck In Wonderland said :

    I find that Herbal teas are good for beating cravings. Never starve yourself, it just doesnt work, i know that its to cold for running but why not try something like swimming? It burns lots of calories and can keep you toned.

    Dont worry too much about your weight, your only 14 and still growing

    Good luck!

  3. Anastasia Z said :

    i think u dont really need to worry but if you really want to u can try to eat less and maybe wait alittle like eat some food and then wait 5 minutes

  4. ItsJustMe said :

    my health teacher said that eat things with a lot of water in it, such as fruits like grapefrit. Things that have a lot of water in it will help you feel full. Also, peanutbutter is usually recommended for people who are trying to gain weight, but if you eat penutbutter in moderation, that too can also help you feel full.

  5. gkarpel4e said :


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