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I need to lose weight quickly and look HOT ?

I’m 140 and i need to be a hundred pounds I’m trying to get this girl named Giana to date me and she doesn’t know I like her so I’m just going for a great first impression so I would love to know how to lose weight I need the fastest and Healthiest way to lose 40 pounds and look hot so I need some good tips.

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5 Responses to “I need to lose weight quickly and look HOT ?”

  1. Jay said :

    Turn your fat into muscle but do not LOSE WEIGHT, for a guy 140 is pretty small, you should be gaining weight/muslce if anything. Unless this girl is into really skinny guys, in that case, i suggest finding a different girl.

  2. GT People GT people weh yuh deh said :

    how tall are you? first of all cause thats alot of weight and also its not going to happen fast.Actually my f.c.e teach was talkin about nutrition and she tried to cut off sugar and startches forever for three weeks so she couldnt eat pasta,bread,candy, anything like that cept really cheese n meat and veggies. anyways she did that for three weeks and lost 22 pounds…but she only tried it for that much time cuase she wasnt getting the nutrtion she needed causse you could drink milk either so maybe you can try that..but eat vitamins so you get them…..of course she went back to regualar eating and gained back 10 you have to keep it off…maybe after you lose then just walk for like 30 – hour

  3. WILLIAM B said :

    I’ve got the answer for you! Here is a site that helped me lose the last bit of fat on my stomach so that my abs looked sexy.

    Good Luck!

  4. Nessa20 said :

    First of all, your crazy. 100 pounds is waaaay to skinny unless your like under 15 or something. my ex weighed 135 and he was close to six foot. and i thought that was pretty skinny. you should try working out, lifting weight, eating lots of protein, a girl likes a strong healthy man to protect her!

  5. Creative Thinker said :

    Losing 40 pounds is a serious problem if you plan on doing it in a short time frame. You could end up hurting yourself. Go easy on yourself. Time is on your side. Getting involved is a serious commitment. You have plenty of time to find that “HOT THING” before you reach 20. Pick the girl who is the skinniest so when she is 40, she is perfect in looks. The ones that look great at 13 will look like a water tank when they are 40…lol


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