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i need to loose weight as quickly as possible… i dont care how… ?

i need to loose weight very fast and i was thinking that i should work off the exact amount of calories that i have eaten that day to make it balanced… like if i eat 500 calories… i burn 500… etc… is that a good choice… hw much would i loose?

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8 Responses to “i need to loose weight as quickly as possible… i dont care how… ?”

  1. Dana said :

    it probably isn’t too good for you (are you thinking of trying to equal it out so you get zero calories a day?) but i bet you would loose weight fast, but you’d gain it right back the moment you stopped. i wish i had the willpower to do that.

  2. yeah said :

    eat half of what you normally eat and exercise

  3. corina said :

    losing weight is a slow process. you should lose 3-5 lbs weekly. BUT is you need to lose weight fast, cut out carbs and increase cardio. also, check out the south beach diet.

  4. Micheala said :

    no that would not work because you would only burn off what you ate and if you want to LOOOOOOSE weight than you need to burn many more calories than what you ate, if you eat 1000 calories a day, burn 2000 or at least double the amount of calories you eat in a day! LoL

  5. beachgirl said :

    There’s two ways you could go and I think either way will work for you. First of all, my best suggestion is to learn to eat healthy.
    That means understand the food pyramid, the food groups, the recommended servings, etc. That is how you should eat for life! If you eat that way and have 3 small, healthy meals a day and 2 small, healthy snacks, you will lose weight. Each meal should be less than 400 calories and each snack should be about 100-150 calories. Eating highly nutritious foods is the key, so think in terms of lean protein, veggies, whole-grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and heart-healthy oils.

    The second option is to do a short-term “drastic diet” that is designed to last for 2 weeks max. This would take off the most weight rapidly. There are several on the site under “Diet Plans” but my favorite is the 5-4-3-2-1 diet.
    You get to pick what you eat, but you’re going to want to pick highly nutritious foods to keep your metabolism working efficiently. Again, the “eat healthy” page can help you determine what highly nutritious foods are, if you need help with that. If you go on the short-term diet, then once it’s over, follow the guidelines on the “eat healthy” page.

    Make water your main source of hydration and save the sweet drinks (even diet) for special occasions. Eliminate as much salt and sugar from your diet as you can.

    The biggest component to fast weight loss is going to be your workout. You will want to make sure you do a good cardio workout every day for weight loss (3 times a week is sufficient to maintain health). Activities that use the large leg muscles burn the most calories. These activities also tone the lower body quite effectively. Think in terms of
    power walking, jogging, biking, skating, swimming laps, jumping rope, dancing, racquetball, and jumping jacks. To make sure that you’re burning fat, you need to be sweating and huffing and puffing. In addition, do some good stretches and some strength training.

    You’ll find some really good information on the website, including about five pages of weight loss tips, printable weight loss journal pages, printable exercise log sheets, motivational ideas, healthy recipes, etc.
    Good luck!

  6. Anna S. said :

    Well I think it’s totally about self-control:

    Breakfast: integral toast and a 70-calorie yogurt

    Lunch: Fruit (any kind, except banana) and a fish (not fried)

    Snack if you get hungry: gum or 90-calorie diet bar

    Dinner: Light soup (not a creamy soup, it has too much fat)
    Or maybe a cup of special K or cheerios

    Some other tips:

    I recommend you coffee in the morning, it gives you a lot of energy! (without sugar, or maybe splenda)

    Another thing is to drink green tea twice a day, it burns fat and it’s good for your health

    And of course, do at least 50 abs per day

    Good luck

  7. mansionghost said :
  8. allie said :

    i would like the same… i just want to lose the weight. i dont care how its done.


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