I need advice on how to loose weight, quickly.?

I’m 14 years old, I weight some where from 115 to 120. My height is 4’9.
I’m really unsatisfied with my body and weight, and I was wondering if anyone had easy ways to loss weight quickly. Help me out?

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9 Responses to “I need advice on how to loose weight, quickly.?”

  1. chester stone said:

    If you’re loosing weight then I’m tighting weight.

  2. PRF<3 said:

    Are you really unsatisfied? You just told the world your exact age, weight and height. If you were really unsatisfied, I don’t think you would have the confidence to tell everyone that. Also, if you really are that size and weight then you know that you are in perfect shape.

  3. Belle said:

    You are 14 you will grow some more and that is a good weight for your height.I know that’s not what you want to hear but at 14 you don’t need to be losing weight when you only weigh as much as you do.

  4. ruth said:

    This is the quickest way to lose weight…. do it for ONE week if you can.

    How to prepare the Master Cleanse

    -Two tablespoons of fresh organic lemon or lime juice, (approximately half a lemon). Do not use bottled or canned lemon juice.
    -Two tablespoons of genuine maple syrup . Not Maple flavored sugar syrup.
    -1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper or to taste
    -8 ounces of water (250ml), at room temperature

    Combine all the above ingredients in a jar and shake together. Drink the mixture.

    Master Cleanse Kit
    How much should I drink?
    It is recommended to drink 6 to 12 glasses of the Cayenne , maple syrup and lemon mixture per day.
    No other food or juice should be taken during the time of the Lemonade diet.
    The lemonade mixture contains all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and energy your body requires. Do not take vitamin pills. Overweight people can use less maple syrup , and for people who are underweight they can use more. Never vary the amount of lemon juice per glass.


    EAT every single 3 hour’s (EVERY THREE HOURS) – and only tuna, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, coliflower, carrots, beetroot (no salt or vinegar) Drink 4 litres of water a day…….. and watch the fat melt away like magic.

  5. Bryan J said:

    A great way to lose weight, and at your age it should not be hard, is to be extremely active. If you are really active you should also be able to eat more and not gain weight either.

  6. Allison said:

    if it were quick and easy, there would be a lot more thin people. lol.
    I just lost about 20 pounds by cutting the soda out of my diet and going to the gym 3-4 times a week.
    I had a problem of eating when I’m bored, so I started taking a ceramics class during the day and I noticed that I don’t eat as much. lol.
    good luck

  7. Sexi_Jessie said:

    Hi im Jessie and im 15 years-old im perfectly happy with my body and how I look im very popular at my school andd are liked by alot of people (boys mostly lol) my mum is slightly over weight and has been going to a place called slimming world its AWESOME_:) she has been going for only one month and has lost roughly 2 stone 🙂 u should try it its really good and you can loose at ur own pace and get rewarded when u loose anything even if its only a pound, its a nice enviorment and very friendly. xx

    Good Luck I know U can do it xxx 🙂

  8. Kiara said:

    arent you underwait cause i`m thirteen and i need to loose wait

  9. Tamra said:

    You should use Meridia, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://webmd15.notlong.com/AAfKS4Z

  10. creative252x said:


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