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Fiance in Military is coming home! Need to loose weight quickly by March.?

Any ideas on how to loose alot of weight by March. Haven’t seen him in a year. Help? So desperate and will do just about anything to loose the fat. I kinda let myself go due to not being with him. Any ideas or suggestions?

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8 Responses to “Fiance in Military is coming home! Need to loose weight quickly by March.?”

  1. Chrys said :


  2. Serene E said :

    Do you really think he cares about your weight???? And it’s lose, honey.

  3. phantomfoxx said :

    treadmill or run… 1.5-2 miles every other day, eat well, eat low sodium meals, salt makes you bloat and makes you seem and feel heavier. anything that is higher in cardio workout. However, you need to make exercising fun for you, do activities that intrigue you so you stay focused and motivated.

  4. crewmaster said :

    I would advise just doing a total workout of your body so that you can lose as much weight as possible. You will need to drink a LOT of water, this will help you lose weight as well. Do weights at the gym as well as crunches and planks to target your core and hopefully you will lose weight on your stomach. For your legs I would advise running or walking briskly, you might want to borrow someones dog and take him along if you don’t have one, they often make you walk/run faster than you normally would. An elliptical or stair stepper or even biking is good as well. As for food, eat lots of healthy food, if you have a large appetite simply double the portion. Most of all, make a commitment to yourself! I know it is hard but you have to do it. So make a routine and stick to it. Good Luck!!

  5. Rita B said :

    If he loves you he will accept you and help you with losing the weight.

    Mostly if you want to lose weight it should/needs to start with it being something for yourself. If you can afford it a nutritionist that will help. If not research good eating habits, a food diary, look at the amount you eat and small amounts every 3-4 hours is really good and effective.

    Losing weight quickly is bad for your body and doesn’t really stay away. Do it for yourself and your health.

  6. LaStrega said :

    1.start working out.
    2.instead of your usual dinner have a slice of whole bread with low-fat cheese and some veggies and a small cup of low-fat yogurt.If you can take it,eat only the yogurt.You could replace the yogurt with a glass of low-fat milk.
    3.stop eating junk food,chocolates,fried stuff and lots of oil/butter.
    4.drink lots of water (at least 6 glasses a day) 5 small meals a day (milk&cereal for breakfast,fruit,salad and boiled chicken for lunch,fruit,yogurt for dinner)
    6.once a week eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner a bowl of low-fat milk with cereal (don’t eat nothing else).it’s like a detox,it’ll make you lose 2 pounds.don’t try to eat this for more days,it won’t work.

    if you want my opinion,don’t do extreme’ll just mess with your metabolism.

  7. Rhonda said :

    Its really easy to do that isn’t it? Been there!
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    This effective blend may help boost calorie expenditure, helps promote fat burning, increases metabolism, boosts energy levels, provides antioxidants (EGCG from green tea), may have beneficial effects on already normal-range cholesterol levels and helps with the uptake of amino acids into muscle (synephrine).

  8. Paul said :

    Try this:

    1. No alcohol

    2. No food after 7pm, even if some programmes will allow that, but remember, you have only one week to lose weight

    3. Drink water, two to four liters a day

    4. Exercise every day, minimum 20-30 min walk

    5. Eat three to four meals a day

    6. No sodas, cola, soft drinks fruit juices, anything that contains sugar, coffee and tea allowed with low fat milk only

    7. No brad, pasta, potato, rice, pizza, biscuits, oats, rye, burghul wheat

    8. No chocolate, cakes or any other sweets

    9. No dips, sauces, mayo, dressings

    10. All other products should be no fat or low fat

    11. Eat lot of proteins and vegetables

    Hope it helps


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