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OMG!! IM OBESE!!!!! please help :(?

i am 15, 5’4 and 162 pounds. i was watching a show were they were talking about bmi so i went and found a bmi chart on line just because i was curious to see what mine was. and it said i was morbially obese. i am so freaked out right now. i mean i know im a little overweight but i never thought i was obese!!

like i feel sick because of it. how legit are bmi?? and if they are right than whats a good and healthy way that i cna loose weight quickly?? obvisouly excersize but what kindsof excersize?

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6 Responses to “OMG!! IM OBESE!!!!! please help :(?”

  1. Josh C said :

    BMI aren’t very accurate at all. There’s a lot of factors that can affect the outcome of the score.
    My BMI claims I’m overweight because I’m 6′ 200 lbs. But I work out and have a lot of muscle mass, which is one of the factors that affects the outcome.
    Don’t put a lot of stock in BMI.

  2. YEDOoo said :

    dont freak out

    weight loss takes time, but if your persistent and dedicated… will accomplish your weight goal…
    …..and yes exercise and a healthy diet is KEY……
    1) do alot of ‘running’ like everyday,
    2) and watch out for junk/sugary foods….
    i promise you’ll see results within the first 2 weeks

  3. PED14 said :

    okay, don’t freak out, it will just stress you out more which definitely doesn’t help weight loss.
    BMI’s are decently reliable, but you can never be sure, because if you have a lot of muscle, then muscle weighs a lot, and the BMI could be off. From my experienced, being 5’4″ and 162 pounds is not morbidly obese at all, just overweight. im 15, and i know exactly how you feel worrying about this! so heres what you do:

    basically, just calm down, start eating way healthier, avoid sugary drinks, and don’t eat snacks except for fruits and veggies or other EXTREMELY healthy foods. Drink a TON of water, it washes out your system and makes weight loss happen so much faster. But just don’t drown yourself in it lol. Ride your bike, join a health club, walk places instead of being driven there. Think up a workout routine for yourself, or go to and they have some pretty fun workout routines and healthy food ideas! They also have lots of ideas for each body type.

    These may seem like things that won’t make a difference, but they really add up! 🙂

  4. JaneyM said :

    Don’t flip. The BMI charts are not always correct. They don’t know squat about YOU! You could have a lot of muscle, muscle ways significantly more than fat, so don’t freak.

    The best exercise for losing fat is running, biking and swimming. Something that uses most of your body. (it’s even better to do all three)

    And some other things you might consider is sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts and abbe workouts. And for arms pull-ups, push-ups, lifting weights and even just vacuuming and doing house work. Wall sits, butt kickers and high knees, inch worm, shuffles for legs.

  5. Blue eyez said :

    im obese also… but i cut back on wut i eat and i am losing weight…. i about half of wut i use to… if u exercise daily and cut back on wut u eat u will lose weight….. by exercising i mean walk daily…… if u have a place where u can swim even in the winter swim….. thats wut i do and im losing weight…. but dont starve your self or make you self puke….

    I hope this helps

  6. Alice said :

    firstly, don’t worry too much about bmi, it is just a guidline, as it doesn’t take muscle or boobs or hips into account- honestly don’t worry!!
    but the best way to lose weight is firstly to try and stop snacking, or if you do, try and have fruit. secondly, cut your portions to a healthy amount, don’t pile your plate too high!
    try and do exercise when you can.
    hope this helps.


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