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How can i make myself vomit quickly please help !!!?

I want t o make myself vomit … to loose weight… please help… Tell me how i can vomit without buying anything pleaseeee

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4 Responses to “How can i make myself vomit quickly please help !!!?”

  1. miss H said :

    Don’t do it. Once you get into the habit of vomiting all the time, it becomes extremely hard to get your life back on track. Trust me.
    Please just try and eat a normal healthy diet, don’t restrict too much and try to get more exercise. These are far more productive and healthy ways to lose weight.

  2. Sallie said :

    you will gain more weight if you vommit. Your body will start to realize that you have a lack of nutrients in you and it will go in “Starvaion Mode”. Think of it this way…if you get stranded on a island with barely any food your body knows that you need as much nutrients as you can get. So the food that you eat will be saved and used for a longer time.

    Its not a nice way at all to treat your body. I used to be bulimic, so I know how hard it is to break the habbit. You have to have will power and trust yourself.

    A healthy diet and excercise will do just fine.

    Take care, and hope I helped

  3. Porcelain said :

    Whatever happened to proper diet and exercise?

  4. jaimipjaimi said :

    what I do is drink about 4 to 5 glasses of warm tap water, sometimes with some salt in it, then I stick 2 fingers down my throat to stimulate my gag reflex. follow this prodecure and you will be able to induce vomiting.


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