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PLease women who have had children PLEASE HELP!!?

ppl tell me all the time not to worry about gaining weight its for the baby …yeah tell that to my butt!!! but i guess what my question is is how many of you breast fed and it helped to loose the baby weight faster??? bc as it seems ive always had large breasts and now im up to a DDD and its scaring me!!! i just want too loose this baby weight quickly so should i or shouldn’t i breast feed and if you guys have any ideas i would love to hear them!!! thanks

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6 Responses to “PLease women who have had children PLEASE HELP!!?”

  1. Chanters said :

    Breast feeding is proven to help weight loss when the baby is born… upto 500 cals a day, but don’t make losing weight your main focus, that should be your new baby, but eating healthily, gentle exercise and breastfeeding will all contribute to a steady weight loss
    Congratulations and good luck 😀

  2. Jennifer H said :

    you SHOULD breastfeed. It will help you lose the weight BUT that will not be enough motivation for you to continue to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is super hard. I mean it takes a ton of dedication especially in the first month. Good thing is it gets easier. Breastmilk is the BEST MILK for your child. Recently, they found rocket fuel in formula. I am not kidding, I saw this on the news just last week. Do it for your baby and benefit from it too! I’m already 10 lbs less than what i was pre-pregnancy. My son is 2 months old ! Do it.. it’s the best for both of you <3 Good luck and congratulations on the baby 🙂

  3. pinkjet said :

    I know as a young mother of 2 that are 22 months apart that weight can be a major challenge when pregnant…but like you said you are going to rewarded in the end with a beautiful child in your arms.I breastfed exclusively for the first 4 months w/ each of my boys.I did it b/c your breast milk provides nutrients that helps build up your babies immune system unlike formula.It also bonds you to your child in a special unique way that only you can have with your little one.Its not for everyone and it does come with some pros and cons such as leaking in public and breasfeeding in public.Breastfeeding helped me to lose some of the weight I believe b/c when you breastfeed your supposed to eat healthier foods primarily.I said no to a lot of foods and beverages that I normally would of indulged in thinking of my child getting them.It helps to get out and excercise too and with your new little one you will get alot of that anyways.Its a very personal decision to breastfeed and no I wouldn’t do it if thats the only reason I wanted to do it(sorry just my opinion.)Good luck~

  4. Chantal T said :

    Your worry is completely understandable. But the weight gain, and only like 25-30 pounds, is for the baby.

    Breastfeed if you want to (I’m all for it), but sometimes it takes time and patience to be comfortable with it. Yes it does help you lose weight, but you still have to eat properly and often when breastfeeding. It’s not like you breastfeed and drop a ton of weight, cos you’re gonna get sick and you won’t produce milk.

    After you deliver you’ll drop a lot of weight pretty quickly. After that it takes time for your uterus to contract and your body to get used to being post pregnancy self again. Don’t rush a diet, you need to be heatlhyand rest.

    I have two friends who are well endowed. One is an H and one is a DDD. both breastfed. They got bigger and after they stopped they went down to their regular size.

  5. Mallorie said :

    I didn’t breast feed. I gained 70lbs and lost it all within 3 months I was 5’8” and 100lbs

  6. hello there! said :

    Yes, do breastfeed. It is both good for the mother and the baby. You didn’t say how much weight you gained, but I gained about 45 pounds with my baby. I was worried sick! I work full time, but I stayed home for 6 weeks after having my baby. I breastfed the whole time I was home and even before and after work when I went back to work. I also pumped during the workday. But…I lost ALL of my baby weight before I went back to work. I fit into my pre-baby jeans after about 5 weeks of breastfeeding. This probably doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked for me…Good Luck!


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