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ohhh i desperatley need help . 10pts. please read . ?

okay . is there any possible way for someone to lose 10 pounds or a a little bit less in 10 days? please tell me how . im in a desperate situation so anyone who has ever lost weight quickly, please tell me how do did it. i heard about this thing of how you can loose 3 lbs in 3 days by not eating anything but fruts and drinking water and fluids the whole day wen your hungry and by the end of that day , you’d loose 1 pound! i never tried it but does anyone have any tips that actually work. please helpp me! oh yeah , ten points toooo! thank you so much . oh and something that works. and if not 10 lbs, then like 5 1bs. or more . idkkk , not less. please answer this question to helppp . i really need 10 or less down by august 28th no joke . anything that works that you tried that helps you loose weight fast. and dont give me a lecture on giong jogging and blah blah because i already do that . and any excersize tips that work, something youve personally done. i want people whove had actual experiences in loosing weight fast so please dont give me a linkkk , tell me something that actually worksss .


10 points <3

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5 Responses to “ohhh i desperatley need help . 10pts. please read . ?”

  1. Bill C said :

    The easiest way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks is to cut off a limb.

    Truthfully, its probably more dangerous to cut off your left leg than to starve yourself for two weeks, but not by much.

    Losing weight is simple, eat less, exercise more, and stay healthy so you hurt yourself doing it.

  2. Ranes_Girl said :

    take virgin coconut oil 1 tablespoon 2 times a day. and stick with it.

  3. Dr. Insanity said :

    Don’t eat for a few days, just drink water. But know the risk in doing so.
    You could also try and just eat a can (1) of tuna and some bread everyday, it works for some people.
    You can survive a long time just eating tuna and bread, months.

  4. Angela T said :

    you should try the chicken,veggie,fruit,rice diet

    First 3 days you only eat steamed rice, nothing else. After that all you eat is chicken for another 3 days (no veggies or fruit on the side).
    the next 3 days all you eat is veggies. Then 3 days after that all u eat is fruits.

    Ive tried this diet and lost alot of weight But NO CHEATING u cant have a piece of apple on a veggie day (things like that) stick to it ull lose up to 12 lbs in about 10 days.:)

    3 days- Steamed Rice ONLY!
    3 days- Chicken Only (any part of chicken dusnt matter no sauce or veggies on the side)
    3 days- Vegetables Only
    3 days – Fruits ONLY!

    Good luck (it worked for me)

  5. jtdelani said :

    The water and fruits only diet works 🙂


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