how can i lose my fat, i really need help please?

i’m 15, male. I just have sbelly fat, lovehandles and bum fat, thats it. I joined a gym, what is a workout i should do in order to lose my fat fast and gain muscle?i want to have a body like dmx or lil wayne, thats how i want to look, and as fast as possible too. Please give me intense workouts that torch fat. ALso, what else speeds up fat loss quite a bit?

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  1. Brandon Dinh said:

    Before you start pumping weights, keep in mind that benchpressing is not the healthiest idea if you are still growing in height. There’s been some talk that lifting heavy duty weights can stunt your growth if they are too much.

    Now, for the actual losing weight part..

    Being your age, your metabolism is sky rocket right now. What you want to do is go all out in cardio (running/swimming/biking) This will increase the fat burn in your body.

    To keep you metabolic rate up, you may want to also introduce slightly acidic foods to your body to where it raises the acid levels, but not enough to cause problems like ulcers. Things like spicy or citric foods will work just fine if you consume a balanced amount.

    A lot of water is also a huge key as it washes out toxins and dilutes sugar and such. Sugars are your enemy!

    Stay the hell back from preservatives. This includes any frozen foods, canned foods, and wrapped or dried foods. They are packed with stuff your body does NOT need. Back off from the soda too, you don’t need it. Water, juices, and milk should be all you need.

    Carbohydrate consumption is also also a plus, however ONLY if you exercise. Carbs will provide your body with energy to refuel your workout, but if it sits there, it’ll turn into lipids and fats which is what you do not want.

    DO NOT starve yourself as it will only put you into energy conservation mode. All of a sudden your body fat burn rate will go to a halt and keep collecting fat for future use. What you want to do is eat a lot, but a bunch of small to moderate size meals many times a day. You’re a boy, therefore your body will burn EVERYTHING as you work out, so don’t hold back!

    As for muscle gain…

    Don’t start lifting weights until you’ve established a good cardio routine.. Do push-ups, sit-ups and pull ups. Over time start lifting dumbbells and then slowly work with the big bars. Make sure that you’re targeting every muscle in your body so that it stays in proportion.


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