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help me please :( IM CRYING?

okaayy sooo today has been i think the worst day of my life and tis only getting worse…
i know this is wierd but i want to make myself loose weight really quickly someone please just tell me how to do it..

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4 Responses to “help me please :( IM CRYING?”

  1. skidrowdan said :

    Start exercising, no junk food. Lots of water. Healthy foods. NO skipping meals!

  2. jay said :

    Dont starve yourself. That just messes up your metabolism. Keep on a regular diet of healthy foods. Avoid all the fast food stuff. Excercise daily. When I say excercise, if you want to loose the weight, actually excercise. Dont walk around in your treadmill for like 10 mins. Actually jog at a decent pace. Start with small distances like a mile and gradually increase it. Dont forget to rehydrate. Just remember dont skip your meals. Very important that you eat regularly just not in large quantities. And dont sneak in snacks throughout the day.

  3. kc said :

    don’t skip meals.
    and hunny let me be the first to tell you diet pills are shitee they suckk !

    **** read this one, bet you never heard it. In order to lose more calories you have to eat !

    ****don’t skip meals ever, skip meals or becoming belemic however thats spelled may make you lose weight but in a terrible way you could end up having to poke your finger once a day ?

    ****excersise, and eat tons of veggies they have all right amounts of nutrients and supplements

    ****put all of your food into little zip block bags and eat one like between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner

    ****stay away from soda drinking water will reduce your water weight !

    **** and there is a new show on tlc called i can make you thin, you can search it on the internet and he gives you a lot of great tips and things you can do by EATING ! haha unbelievable just check it out. It might actually work


    i hope i helped just no crash dieting hunn

  4. wolfgame30 said :

    start excercising, eat healthy – 5 times per day small portions. when eating is not convienient keep healthy snacks with you (carrot sticks are great)

    Drink lots of water. 8 glasses a day. No soda especially not diet sodas

    Get plenty of rest (8 hours a day is ideal)

    For a workout system. Consult your Dr. but a good balance of Running (jogging) and weight lifting (for toning muscle) is a good plan.

    you will not be sucessful if you try to starve yourself. It never works and is dangerous to your health. Keep Positive , you will not see immediate weight loses and somedays youll swear you gained a pound or 2. But keep to a system, keep positive.


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