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Ok all my friends are wayyy skinnier than me any idea how to lose weight fast?

im 12 96 Lbs and 5 foot im way fatter then all my other friends hoe do i lose weight??
I mostly want to lose it in the thighs and calfs though

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7 Responses to “Ok all my friends are wayyy skinnier than me any idea how to lose weight fast?”

  1. deer said :

    the best way is, you must eat more fruit, and don’t eat anything after 5pm, if you still hungry, you can eat some fruit, like bananas but not the fruit of filamentous. And one more tips, you can try this, drinking a glass of fresh tea in the morning. but would be far better results when combined with natural supplements, you can find more at .

  2. crissangellvr13 said :

    just eat right and excercise

    AND DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brian G said :


    According to your BMI, you are nearly underweight.


  4. randumnessroxs said :

    At your age i wouldn’t really worry about as your still growing.You don’t sound as if you are over weight anyway so i don’t think you really need to lose any weight. If your really worried about it i would eat more healthly and maybe join a exercise class or take up a sport you want to do. You proberly won’t lose alot of weight but you will tone up and feel/ look much healthier. btw don’t go on some stupid crash diet as its really unhealthy and you will feel like crap and after you quit you will just put on any weight you lost so its really not worth it

  5. jakejakejake10 said :

    yeah kinda same as me im about 118 and all of my friends are like 82 lbs and like 91 lbs.
    ik it sucks…i have been losing weight recently by working out and just eating right usually does it but dont starve its really bad for you.
    try not to eat the junk and look at how many sugars are in something before you eat it.
    easy as that and you see a big differnce.

  6. te144 said :

    Eat 3 healthy meals a day (w/veggies of course) avoiding excessive carbs that turn to sugar then fat. Exercise your whole body by running, pushups, pullups and get 8 hrs sleep. Stay in a good mood by thinking about how good-looking you and I are.

  7. rocksatrtiff101 said :

    um well im anorexic sooooo i workout alot and dont eat but u dont want this so i would eat healthy and workout oh standing burns an extra 40 calories an hour


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