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if i lived on only noodles for two weeks could i survive and lose weight fast?

just a idea i had…would it work ? would it be healthy? and would i lose or gain weight ? see if my plan could work haha

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9 Responses to “if i lived on only noodles for two weeks could i survive and lose weight fast?”

  1. Veronica.:D said :

    You’d probably gain considering noodles have LOTS of good carbohydrates that give you long energy but if you dont burn them off they’ll turn to fat,

    try living off noodles fruits and veggies. 🙂

  2. Taz said :

    Not very healthy at all

  3. Bo P said :

    lol um, no, well depends how many you ate, three? lol why noodles? lol um i could see chicken or oranges, but why noodles? and of course it wouldnt be healthy theres no vitamins in noodles.

  4. Father Jake said :

    Noodle is the same as pasta, bread or rice.

    Not healthy and certainly not slimming.

    Steamed vegetables, fish, lean chicken, fruit and good wine. The healthiest diet known.

  5. babyboo said :

    that is not a good idea. there are no nutrients in that whatsoever. If you need to lose weight, eat salad, and crap like tofu, with no calories, but substantial nutrients. also excersize. eating grapefruit is also a weight loss aid, and so is drinking a lot of water.

  6. Mandy said :

    If you eat the same of anything for too long then you’d end up gaining weight, but not sure *how* long.. because I saw on a TV programme that this woman only ate fruit and she was obese despite eating such a healthy food :o!

    Noodles are pasta.. so it’s a carbohydrate. And when your body digests it, it’ll turn into energy, but if you don’t use that energy, it’ll be stored in your body as evil little gremlins called.. FAT^^! So I think if you actually want to do that, you’d better exercise. But don’t because you need protein and vitamins in your diet too, just eating noodles is super unhealthy, as lovely as they taste. =)

  7. doctorshelper907 said :

    noodles have bad carbohydrates (like all breads) that burn fast. Like for most eating a sandwich of just peanut butter and Jelly would leave them hungry and wanting more at dinner. Try meats and veggies. These burn the most actual fat like whats attached to most people stomachs and butts.

    Stay with the meats and veggies to see the best results. This is what people do to take weight off that is hardest to lose.

  8. shmary said :

    Nope ; noodles make you gain weight ; but the way i lost weight is by eating salad for 2 months nothing else but salad & spring water ; i felt like crying but i made myself stick to it ; it works 😉

  9. missyk said :

    Theyre a carbohydrate – designed to be stored in the body for slow release for people who do a lot of exercise. The last thing you want to do is load up on carbs if youre dieting. Marathon runners on the other hand need that sort of slow release energy food.

    Eat more Fruit and veg and less red meats, junk food and Noodles!


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