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Losing some weight before the summer?

I’m a 15 yrs old male, 5’11, and weigh about 170. Although I don’t look fat, I don’t feel comfortable with this weight. I currently weight lift in my basement and just recently started to jump rope. When it’s warmer outside I’ll start running too. My mom usually cooks healthy meals, but she gives me a rather large proportion. She insists that I should eat a lot but what she feeds me is sometimes ridiculous. Does anyone have any dieting tips or exercise plans for me?

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2 Responses to “Losing some weight before the summer?”

  1. Ashley said :

    It takes -3500 calories to loose a pound, which means you need to both burn calories by working out & take less calories in by eating in order to loose weight.

    Eat fruits & veggies of course. It’s typical to eat a small breakfast and a big dinner, but my health teacher said you actually want to do the opposite. And never skip breakfast, it helps you loose weight. I stopped driking pop and lost 50 pounds in 1 year!! Don’t drink juice. You’d think fruit juice is good for you, but its not. It has alot of sugar and extra calories. People say dont eat carbs’ not true, 60% of your diet is suposed to be from some type of carbs… just make sure you eat whole grain or whole wheat bread. And drink only skim milk, all others arent so great for you. Just watch what you eat and pay attention to nutrition labels!

    Make sure you do some weight bearing activities along with cardio, it’ll help build muscle and burn fat!

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. audlester said :

    Here is where you can read a good article called “Top Ten Principles and Tips for Weight Loss”
    They are good tips that work.


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