Lose baby fat quickly and get flat abs…?

I recently had a baby and I was wondering if anyone knew how to lose the baby fat quickly and get flat abs?

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  1. John & brenda b said:

    http://www.weightloss4u2u.com hi i am haveing a baby in april i am takeing herbalife to help me loose weight after pregnacy.there is a special stuff will help you.if you wana know more get back to me.

  2. Jan!3 said:

    If you don’t want to take pills or any form of substances…
    Do the crunches and eat healthy but add in some cardio 3x week for 1hr daily. ( i did it at home with hula hoop & videos)
    You get to burn fat faster and the crunches will focus on you mid abs section where you want it most.

    Try this & in 6 weeks you’ll get results.
    Be dedicated and don’t fall into temptations.
    Your healthy diet will give you the energy to work out ad you’ll be able to keep up with your child when he/she grows older
    I continue to move around daily with chores… vacumming laundry, cleaning, i wore wrist weights while dusting and washing dishes to gain extra strenthening.
    I wanted to get back in shape and was determin to do it the safe way.
    Of course always try to get enough rest. Try those herbal teas – gives you energy and cleanse the body as well.

  3. Joycee said:

    You need to find a walking buddy…walking with a friend helps you pass the time faster, and vent about your problems or issues in your daily life to reduce stress. Stress is a big factor in retaining weight.


    Buy a calorie counter watch.

    3,500 calories burned equals one pound
    Keep your food intake to 1,200
    Add both numbers and you have your total calories needed to burn each day of the week.

    It really doesn’t take much. If you change your view on how to loose weight its alot easier when you are looking at numbers instead of miles.

    I went from 168 to 127 using this plan.

    Lean Cusine meals are a great source while doing this..their prepackaged meals are sooo good and they are approx. 180 to 380 per box so you can eat like 5 of them a day and still be under your intake level. Dont’ forget..Water!!!


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