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Lazy girl’s gide to getting fit quickly?

I have a couple weddings this summer, and it would be great to be a bit trimmer for them, and also to be a bit fitter! anybody got in quick painless solutions?=)
…. As tempting as the offer of the “horizontal jogging” is I will pass on that one=P I would just like to clarify that Im not some kind of obsese monster! lol

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9 Responses to “Lazy girl’s gide to getting fit quickly?”

  1. BUNGLE!! said :

    come and see bungle for a bungle workout. look at me i am perfection.

  2. rage997_666 said :

    I’m in Scotland and could work out with you horizontally. Worth a shot 😀

  3. s3elooie said :

    Afraid not. If you want something, you gotta work for it. But when you go out, walk, you’ll be suprised at how effective it is.

  4. softball7777 said :

    hi it would be easy to run but that can only lose you so much weight. You should try yoga but still run. you could cut down to a carb diet so you try that. It always works on me. Good luck with it have fun at the weddings!!!

  5. mburleigh8 said :

    Sorry Lazy and fitness don’t mix.
    if you want to be fiscally fit you will need to change your lifestyle and be disciplined.

  6. Ascetic said :

    take up jogging, the weather is changing get a friend and go for it!

  7. blue said :

    No pain, no gain!

  8. b97st said :

    Use the toning tables at your local gym. Minimum effort.

  9. happy camper said :

    There is a book by AJ Rochester called ‘The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit’. It’s fairly light reading (it’s pink and it’s got a cupcake on it…=) ). I read it, but it was a while ago, so I can’t really remember what it said, sorry! I requested it from the council library.

    It might give you some (painless!!) stuff to do…I’m the exact same…aah, I’d like to lose 2 or 3 kilos, but…the idea of exercise is so heinous for me…

    Good luck! =D


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