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Does anyone have any tips for getting fit?

any tips on how to get fit for summer?? any healthy eating or exercise tips because i feel like i’m getting a bit on the chubby side. Oh and i’m not that good at sports and tend to get a stitch after about 15 minutes of running. i’m really unfit at the moment and it makes my self esteem really low.

– oh and i’m a girl (grade 10)

thanks heaps
oh and i don’t have much money to go all out with

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have any tips for getting fit?”

  1. matthew s said :

    eh, no scams or specific diets will get you there. you need to decide wat kind of fit you want to be in. muscular or just in shape. you need to run and do cardio, no easy way out, its goin to hurt. when you start to see results from the hard work your self esteem will skyrocket! enjoy it and work hard. this way you can eat wat you want for the most part. 🙂

  2. LinkinHybrid said :

    Drinking enough water is a good start. Try drinking a tall glass as soon as you wake up in the morning (to help clean your system) and before each meal to feel a little bit fuller before eating. Strive for around 8 glasses, (flavor some with bit of lime or lemon if the taste is too plain.)

    Eating 2-3 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day will help too. The extra fiber will help you stay fuller longer. If getting breakfast in the morning is an issue, Keep bagged fruit like grapes and berries or whole pieces like apples and bananas to grab quickly in the morning.

    You dont have to do high impact aerobics to lose weight. Walk for thirty minutes after school around the track, with a couple of friends, or around the block with your dog.

    If you wanted to, you could invest in a couple of 2-5 lbs hand weights to start with some light toning. Lunges, squats and arm raises will help you tone up. Those stretch bands are handy too; probably even more so than the hand weights. You could take one with you wherever you walk and do some light toning and stretching after.

    Since you said you don’t have a lot of money, the walking and maybe a stretch band could help a bit. Walmart and Target do have cheap dvds for like 8 -10 dollars each. If you decided to try walking indoors, Leslie Sansone has some wonderful dvds to try. I use these when its too cold outside or the weather’s bad. I do at least 4 miles a day to lose weight, but you could always start at 1 at one and work your way up. I also like her dvds because the walking has a set pace. I feel that when I walk at my own pace, I tend to lag and go a bit slower. Leslie keeps the pace pretty quick, and she’s quite motivating. I’d recommend getting one with an option to choose anywhere from 1 to 4 miles, so you can pick how many you want to do each day.

    Dont let the walking fool you into thinking you cant lose weight. As long as you keep the pace, and do enough miles everyday, you will lose weight. Eating right is very important too. Stay away from fast food, or opt for grilled chicken and salads if you must have something from McDonalds or the like.

    That is one of Leslie’s videos called Walk and Firm. its just a basic of the video she does with the band. The steps are the same in almost every video. You can find this at target and you can get the band with it so you dont have to buy one separately.
    She does have a series for teens, if the older people kind of set you off just so you know….

    Email me if you want to know anything else. I have a download or two I can send you if you would like to try one. Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Rob H. said :

    Do some aerobic type of exercise like walking, running, swimming, cycling or aerobic dance.

    Start out slow, with about 15-20 minutes a day. Increase the duration after you start feeling that it is getting easier.

    And eat a lot or fruits and vegetables.

    If you are in high school, then ask the coach if you can do some of the exercises your school team is doing after school. Usually most coaches wouldn’t mind. It is always easier to work out with people then to work out just by yourself.


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