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I would like to start an healthy eating and exercise regime?

But i need some advice. I am not starting until the summer holidays as i have a lot of revision ahead of me. I am 16, so exams this year. So in summer i want to start healthy eating and an exercise regime, how can i do so. What exercises can i do to add variety and what are so healthy food swaps?

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7 Responses to “I would like to start an healthy eating and exercise regime?”


    eat fruit and go walking

  2. Bluto Blutarsky79 said :

    1- START NOW!

    the rest is just procrastination.

    2- you don’t have to start big thats the beauty of it- you will slowly adapt to a change in lifestyle without feeling like a major task.

    3- begin by writing down what you eat in a jorunal in a week-

    then take the least healthy foods (sodas, candies, etc.) and substitute them for healthy alternatives.

    focus on eating at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day- or at least thats your goal (an easy one to reach). and maybe start then by adding at least one extra serving of vegetables to each meal you eat too.

    4- what type of excercise do you enjoy most-

    almost anything that you do will get results- so long as you progressively increase the intensity (that includes running and swimming too).

    but a mix of weight training combined with some form of cardio is usually best, but depending on your goals and your enjoyment of the type of excercise you might shift the focus on one or teh other.

    regardless of which gets the “best” results the excersise for YOU is the one you’ll stick with so that is optimal.

    low reps higher weight might train streght faster, or hiit cardio might make you more fit and lose more body fat faster,

    but any difference is really negligible when matched up against the psycological factor of you actually enjoying your workout and not feeling like its a “chore” because then you won’t stick with it-

    better to find a program that you enjoy and look forward to doing than one you feel like “oh- crap its time to do x again”.

    ultimately, as a beginner, you will see gains no matter what you do (beginner gains) then later you will only see continued gains by increasing the resistance or intensity of your cardio or weight training or duration of your cardio.

    just get into a routine and fine tune it later- we all made mistakes when we first started out (of course not so much studies, research and testing were as easily accessable when many of us did- you get the benefit of that).

  3. Kelly B said :

    Nutrition is pretty black and white. Eat consistently (every 3-4 hours), make sure each meal contains proteins, carbs and healthy fats. Eat close to the source (as natural as possible – fruits instead of juices, nuts instead of granola bars). Fruits twice per day, veggies 3 times per day, incorporate lean proteins (fish, lean beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, cottage cheese), whole grain carbs and healthy fats (olive oil instead of dressing, eggs, nuts, flaxseed oil if you can, fish). Drink plenty of water as well.

    As it goes for exercise – aim to workout 3-4 days per week, incorporating both strength conditioning and cardiovascular exercise. If you have no access to equipment (like free weights, stability ball, etc) you can always just incorporate body weight exercises – like push ups, squats, core movements, etc. Just do a little searching on the internet and I’m sure you’ll find plenty. For cardio – I always recommend sports or swimming but if neither are an option for you, running is free!

    Good luck!

  4. J said :

    Got a link here for ya that is absolutely free. Has a ton of different types of workouts to choose from and advice on eating. Whether your goal is building muscle, losing flab or just getting generally fit the answers are here. Easier to send you here and let ya look around than to try and explain it all for you. Because while you have gotten a couple decent answers here so far, you WILL have more questions. Fitness can get really involved and the more you educate yourself the better it will be.

  5. X-shawtaay-X said :

    youve chosen a really good time to start. only eat when you feel hungry.

    instead of having icecream make smoothies and freeze them.
    put orange juice in ice cube holders to have a refreshing start to the morning.

    for lunch have a cool salad with grilled chicken or veggies

    to exercise go swimming or even sunbathing will burn of fat and give you a great tan.
    instead of getting a packed stuffy bus walk as long as you can to your destination

    have loads of fruit in the mornings to wake you up and refresh you

    if you hate water start using the diluteable drinks and eventually keep on adding more water until you cant taste the sweetness.

    if you have a bike go out with your mates for a bike ride to a place youve always wanted to go.
    if you have a dog take it out with you for a run round the park.

    if you have a treadmill use it while watching your favorite program.

    do not eat fruit after your dinner because it will cause your teeth to have week enamel.
    if your not sure how to start just write down in a notepad or something everything you eat and then swap all of them for healthier fun options

    if your unsure how to exercise there are many things you can do at home….especially if you have a wii fit.

  6. Ella said :

    Instead of eating 3 big meals, eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day around 3 hours apart.
    Drink a lot of water. Avoid sugary/fizzy drinks. Drink alcohol occassionally, if at all, apparently it’s been proven that a glass of red wine here and there is good for you though.
    Avoid fatty foods, and foods high in salt or sugar.
    Avoid red meat. Eat a lot of oily fish, such as salmon, and chicken. -try not to eat too much fish though, only have it about twice a week because fish has mercury in it and if you eat too much it could affect you having a baby or not, apparently, ha.
    Eat your 5 a day.

    Have a lot of variety when you exercise. E.g. do cardio one day, weight training another, yoga/pilates another, etc. Going for a walk might be nice, especially since it’s getting warmer!
    Also, just do simple things like walking up/down the stairs instead of taking a lift and try and walk/bike instead of driving.

    Make a note of what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re doing, it usually helps.

    Good luck 😀

  7. Mel said :

    yeh im 17 now, its taken me awhile to get where i am and i havnt even got to my goal weight yet, ivelost 8-9kg and now im starting to become underweight, but whatever.
    anyways watcha gotta do is reduce you food intake to healthy meals, like for lunch i have a vege/fruit juice its filling and refreshing, and just go for a jog every second morning and play heaps of sport its always a fun way to do it. once u do 2 weeks of this u will notice the difference and get into the habbit of it. the hard part is just starting, and for breakfast eat burchin musely or how ever you spell it, its rlly healthy and rlly good


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