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How important is healthy eating for your fertility?

I’m planning on starting my family in a couple of years (God willing) and i’ve been looking at my diet now… I am slim but I do eat a lot of junk food… I have started my healthy eating regime today.

But how important is it to eat healthily, how does it affect fertility?

Thanks in advance!

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3 Responses to “How important is healthy eating for your fertility?”

  1. lillilou said :

    Theres some new research out from Harvard this year on it, and I think a new book out. Newsweek did a cover story on it, back in something like April. If you google around for it, its probably not to hard to find.

    found it already

  2. Katie P said :

    it is very important to eat healthily, as it is for your own health and eventually the health of your baby. you need to get all the essential nutrients, and this is not possible from a diet high in junk food. once pregnant you will feel lethargic etc, and this is because the growing baby takes all the best parts of your ingested vitamins, minerals etc, for itself, leaving you with not much, so you need to make sure you eat enough for both of you. your diet now will affect your menstrual cycle. also the diet affects the health of your body tissues. if you have a bad duet your tissues will be in poor health, so your uterus will not be in the optimum state for implantation of the foetus to take place. good luck!

  3. TTC a little lamb :) said :

    I think our diet has a much bigger affect on fertility than we imagine. I suspect I have PCOS and since I ‘self diagnosed’ myself about 5 weeks ago I have been eating more fruit, veg and legumes, and less ‘bad’ carbs like white bread and potatoes, and my last cycle was so much more ‘normal’ than any other I have had in my life. I also believe I ovulated last month, and this is rare for me.


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