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Is it possible to lose weight while still maintaining a diet of rice?

well i’m planning to shed a couple of pounds. since my family and i are asian, our diet consists of eating white rice for almost every meal. But unfortunately if i blocked out rice i would practically starve to death… so i was wondering if i can still lose weight while eating rice on a daily basis.

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to lose weight while still maintaining a diet of rice?”

  1. x_musicxlife_x said :

    eat brown rice, and u said u dont eat rice, then u will starve, which means u eat nothing else BUT rice…eat something else!

  2. Jess said :

    Of course! I am mexican and was raised on tortillas, rice, and beans. I still get to enjoy all the foods I have been raised to love, but I moderate myself. I don’t eat rice for every meal of the day, or tortillas with everything, as much as I would love to. Save eating rice for dinner, and don’t overload your plate. It would help if you exercised a little also!

  3. allbbamerican said :

    it would be tough to LOSE WEIGHT while eating rice on a daily basis but if you do enough cardio exercise and lift light weights at least 3-5 times a week you will be able to turn it into muscle and burn it off…but you wont lose an enormous ammount of WEIGHT when stepping on a scale but you will turn some fat INTO muscle

  4. ESweetPea said :

    I’ve seen skinny Asians.

    Apparently, it can be done.

    Of COURSE you can.

    Just eat less. Focus on vegetables and eat as little of those delicious white grains as possible. It’s not as fun to eat, but eat whole grains (whole wheat, buckwheat noodles, other whole grains.) They’re much more satisfying in the long run.

    Yes, cutting back starches is exquisite torture. But starches have nasty little friends sodium and fat and sugar and cholesterol…starches don’t taste so great without being fried or drenched in some bad-for-you sauce, and rice, especially without the bran (white rice), makes your blood sugar spike.

    Then dip.

    Then you feel like sh!t and crave carbs again.

    Then you eat the carbs…and you’re back on the demon starch treadmill that somehow makes you fatter every time you step on it.

    And mind the sauces, too, while you’re at it. Even the low-fat ones still have sodium and taste good…so you eat more when you eat them on stuff.

    Like rice.

    For real, when you cut your carbs way back, you feel WAY better. Not, like, the first couple of days, but very quickly.

    And I mean, like, 30-40 grams of carbs per day. That really isn’t much, so use it wisely.

    But starch just never satisfies. The rush from carbs lasts such a short time, and then you’re back to just…dying for it again. You have to break the cycle, and to do that, you have to cut your carbs.

    Not completely. Just most of the way.

  5. Kay said :

    yeS!~ Its called the rice diet. Rice is actually a slow digesting carb, unlike breads or pastas. Steamed rice is actually fat free, and It goes well with your body, especially with veggies and protein (chicken, pork). It will not make you gain weight. Its all the greasy egg rolls, wontons, fried pork, shrip, battered chicken, and fortune cookies that cause unwanted pounds. Stick with traditional cuisines, small portions of rice, veggies, and meat. Good Luck!

  6. Tara Fabulous said :

    it is not only what u eat but how much, so reduce ur portions of rice

  7. asDotzi64wu said :


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