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Is it possible to go on a all-liquid diet? Will it help you lose weight quickly?

What liquids should I drink? How often should I drink them?
Oh, and I’m NOT going to drink any weird weight-loss supplements.

So, will I lose weight if I just drink water, milk and orange juice?
Will I get hungry if I go on all-liquid diet?

Someone please help me, I need to lose 15 pounds as soon as possible.

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4 Responses to “Is it possible to go on a all-liquid diet? Will it help you lose weight quickly?”

  1. Jason M said :

    cool, thanks for the 2 pts

  2. Erin said :

    Drink 100% fruit juice as often as you wish for a week. If you get hungry, have solid fruit to satisfy your stomach. You should lose a significant amount of weight within the first week. Be prepared to be on the toilet often though… because an all fruit(juice) diet, meaning TONS of fiber will give you diarrhea.

  3. tonelia b said :

    hey whats up i wanna talk e mail me ? how old are u first?

  4. tampabayfriends said :

    Here is what you need to do, if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off. Eat 6 small meals a day about every 4 hours. Here what that will do for you, your metabolism will increase (i.e. Loose weight) and you will have more engry. If you go on a diet and eat less, your metabolism will slow down and store to fat. That is why diets dont work. Only the size of your fist, carbs (examples:baked potato, pasta, oatmeal, beans, corn, melon, apples, fat free yogurt, whole wheat breads)in one and protien (examples:chicken breast, swordfish, shrimp, turkey breast) in the other. You can also eat vegetables and salads with any meal, they dont have none or little fat). 30min cardo exercise every day. Any of these(examples: walking, jogging, swimming,running, biking, ect), Monday cardo, tues upper body (arms: curls, tricep extensions,pull ups, front press)(abdominals: leg pull crunch, leg raises), (chest: bench press, butterfly, pullover)(shoulders: front press, arm pullover, cross county skier machine)(back:seated row, lat pull downs, back extension)(YOU DONT HAVE TO DO IN ONE DAY, mix it up) wed cardo, thurs lower body (legs: leg pull,leg press, squats, lounges) fri cardo, sat upper. Sunday eat anything you want and dont exercising, you do this on sunday so your body doesnt go into starvation mode. YOU NEED TO TAKE SUNDAY OFF. If you stilck with this you will have a great body. also drink aleast 8oz of water daily! Stay away from Mcdonals, Wendys, ect because there is nothing good for you on the menu’s even the salads are bad (beaon bits, cheeze, dressing, ect) Good Luck 🙂


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