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How do I lose FAT fast? Please do not say healthy eating and exercise..?

So, I lost like 20lbs but, because of stress and stuff, I binged a lot.. which caused me to gain a few lbs, and I was wondering if anyone knows something that will burn fat fast, I do not care how unhealthy it is. The reason is, that I have some school trips next week, and I would like to look thin (again.. -.-” for them).
Also, what are some foods that I should avoid eating?

Please don’t answer anything like it’s not healthy, I would really appreciate it if you answer my question, and if you aren’t going to, please don’t bother..

I know that eating healthy and exercising is how you do it, I’m not stupid. I was wondering if anyone knew anything a little bit faster..

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11 Responses to “How do I lose FAT fast? Please do not say healthy eating and exercise..?”

  1. James said :

    So we are not supposed to tell you to eat healthy and exercise.

    Do you think there would be such a HUGE problem with obesity in this country if there was a “quick” way to lose fat?



  2. Daniel said :

    ive heard that taking ecstasy can help you to lose weight, its really bad for you so im not sure if its an option. yeahh… thats all ive got.

  3. G said :

    well healthy eating and exercise is the healthy way that works for me so sry:( idk.

    please answer:;_ylt=AhWN7SK9v9SKq5htITjjpOTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090508165721AAjDaY8

  4. Yuuki said :

    i would say sex…but its not an option…
    just do walking and running…^_^

  5. laurella said :

    eat foods like salads(but not too much) drink lots of fluids(that way you won’t be hungry all the time) or you could try to exercise or run or something. Avoid eating candy, junk food, etc.
    hope I helped 😉

  6. EdWarD CuLLeN LovEs ME said :

    eat negative calorie foods (google search it)untill the trip but also try eatign only 500-800 calories

  7. Random person said :

    Healthy eating and exercise.

    Nah jk lypo.

  8. Matthew M said :

    I don’t think that there is something that someone can loose that much weight in that little time, but just eat about a half a meal per day (healthier if breakfast) and drink A LOT of water no soda, tea, or coffee. Be sure to do this it may get hard but either way it’s always hard to loose weight. Good Luck!! 🙂

  9. jayman said :

    avoid dollar menus and anything called a MCchicken

  10. fun said :

    get a body wrap from your local spa
    it technically isnt weight loss, but it will make you look much slimmer

    correct weight loss is diet and exercise though (sorry if you didnt want to hear that)

  11. Nisa.Serene said :

    Avoid anything fried. Eating healthy is basically a must…unless you don’t eat at all. I’d say try the acai berry and all that…don’t eat more than 500 calories a day…basically starve yourself.


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