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What is more important for weight loss? Eating healthily or exercising?

Just out of interest what do YOU rate as most important.

None of this ‘both just as important’ because that is obviously the best option, but if you just had to choose ONE for weight loss is it Healthy Eating or Exercise?

And I hope that bot Don or whatever his name is doesn’t reply with his usual rubbish about!!

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12 Responses to “What is more important for weight loss? Eating healthily or exercising?”

  1. Molly Mullet said :

    Eating healthily, for sure.

  2. Kacey D said :


  3. Mr Robinson's Missus! said :


  4. Anna S said :

    Healthy eating i think.
    though it’s pointless if you do nothing as will still be all flab…

  5. Timothy S said :

    for simple weight loss, healthy eating.
    for tone and shape, exercise.

  6. bugsbunnylookalike2001 said :

    healthy eating

  7. Giedrius M said :

    Eating if weight is what you focusing about, excercising if toning/feeling healty is about. Reason :
    You can eat too much and not loose weight while excercising. However, with proper diet you can loose weight.
    And – Loosing weight by diets does not mean your body would be toned, or you would feel ok (of couse, there might be lack of energy as well).

  8. JOSE J said :

    as a wellness coach we say eating healthy balanced diet plus
    excercise walking swiming and other stady excersise depending on health and age you should always take advice

  9. Lulabelle said :

    Eating healthily.

    You can go to the gym for 10 hours straight – but if you go home and eat 20 chocolate bars, 10 bags of crisp and 5 pizzas then you will not lose any weight.

    I don’t don’t do any exercise at all and i lost 20lbs BUT i’m no healthier… i still can’t run a mile.

  10. Katie L said :

    I do believe it is both is extremely important!!!!……but if i just had to chose one it would be to eat right….. as long as i had a fairly active life style as i do now. Im on my feet at work for 8hrs straigh and i’m constantly moving and lifting hevay items.

    but i do have a choice and ill stick to my healthy eating and working out. i think that exercise and eating right are just as important as each other….

  11. fit4fun said :

    Losing weight is 10% exercise and 90% eating right. If you are fueling your body with crappy food, its going to look crappy no matter how hard you work out.

  12. carchline said :

    eating healthily…i can’t believe i’m telling you this and yet i find it hard to do…lol!!


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