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How can I get my family interested in healthy eating and exercise?

I’m 17 and the only one in my family who is within normal weight ranges. I have a 16yr old brother and both parents live with me and all are either very overweight or obese. The thing is they don’t want to eat healthy food or do exercise and it’s so frustrating having to eat apart from them most nights. Are there any meals I could cook that are healthy but wouldn’t seem it to them or any little tricks to this?!
Any way to get them to exercise would be great aswell.

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6 Responses to “How can I get my family interested in healthy eating and exercise?”

  1. johndehaura said :

    Get a taser.

  2. Philip H © said :

    make the exercise fun, maybe a swimming night.

  3. Acka said :

    being 17 and a girl, I don’t rate your chance at changing your families habits

    It will take something more powerful to get them to take notice, maybe bad news from the doctor etc…

    Stick to your healthy ways. They will change when they want to

  4. ..Hannah..UK.. said :

    Show them photos of times when they were slimmer, and remind them of their freedom.
    That should whack it into their heads for starters.

    Next, try finely cutting healthy stuff (like vegetables etc) into their usual foods. Gradually replace fatty foods with healthy alternatives, i.e. instead of full fat burgers make your own low-fat ones.

    Little changes like this, without them knowing, will eventually work. Besides, if they knew they would immediately retaliate and notice the slightest difference.

    You could take the more straightforward, face-the-facts method and take them to the doctor for a check-up. He/She will point this out.

  5. funguyy said :

    if they don’t have a goal to be thinner and set up a plan to do it ,then how would it work.?you say that they don’t want to.
    you might check out this website and sign in a watch the videos. it’s all free and beyond the eating part there is also motivation and positive attitude videos.
    it inspired me to set up a goal even though i didn’t really have a problem with my weight. i just realized i could do better.
    I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna
    if they wouldn’t want to use the info. on the site, you can watch it and sneak it in on them. i have done it to people.very easy and useful.
    good luck

  6. Tom B said :

    Excellent question.

    Pasta is a quick easy dish to cook, stick some in a pan, simmer for 15 mins. All sorts of stuff can be added to it, I cant think of anything that doesnt go right now, from salads to meats, quick and easy to throw together a lunch, dinner or picnic in minutes.

    Get the veggies out, don’t boil them to softness, do them whole, and meat is pretty easy to cook too, get in there and experiment, takes a little more time and prep than the above though.

    If you are gonna take on the cooking, which you will have to to get them to eat it, then offer a desert too. Most people cook cr*p food as its quick, cheap, in many cases tastier, and easy, so if you are gonna do this, bear this in mind. There are plenty of quick meals or meals in 20 minute style books out there, pop into a book store for those.

    Now for the exercise. What keeps them in the house? TV? Computers? Work out how to get them involved in a walk or something. Go scout out a nice scenic 3 – 5 mile walking route around where you live. That can be a regular walk to implement, also swimming, if you have bikes, go for cycle rides, the hardest thing would be getting them out the house, and you are gonna have to disguise that it is exercise if they arent into it. Get a dog, that tends to force people outside, but then don’t get roped into doing all the walks yourself.

    Good luck.


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