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I would really like to start a fitness club at my high school?

So I was wondering what you guys think. I wanted some advice on how I could start this up, promote it, and eventually a little advice on how to run it (I already have a good idea, as fitness and nutrition are two of my favorite subjects).

Also, If anyone has a successful fitness club, please share how it runs. Thanks everyone

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One Response to “I would really like to start a fitness club at my high school?”

  1. seminoleswty said :

    I think it’s a great idea. Most kids in school now don’t get nearly the exercise they need to stay fit. I’d start with asking other people what they think of your idea and see how many would be interested in such a program. Then go to the board with your ideas but make sure you have all the information you need first, such as how much it would cost to implement such a program and how many students would like to participate in it , school boards like to know if it will be worth they’re while to fund something like this) Also stress the importance of fitness and nutrition in the schools do some research on statistics so you can really make your point. If they balk on money issues try pitching fund raising ideas like car washes etc to help raise the money needed. Getting the board on your side is key. And don’t give up on your idea get teachers students counselers etc on your side and start brain storming with them give them a chance ot have lot of input so they feel like they are a big part of it too. Good Luck


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