Can anyone give me tips on getting fit and losing my belly?

hey so ye im really determined to get fir proper and lose my horrible belly, I go karate now and stuff but I wanna get properly fit would running an hour on my cross trainer help? and also could anyone give me further tips on this.

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4 Responses to “Can anyone give me tips on getting fit and losing my belly?”

  1. Gigi said:

    Hi, this page is called “Eliminate Belly Fat” and may be able to give you some ideas that you haven’t already tried.
    It’s basically a combination of proper diet (the right foods), exercise, and hydration. Good luck!

  2. Spellz said:

    Yes, cardio is very good for losing fat. Eat simply and do cardio. It’s pretty simple.

  3. David W said:

    Eat fruit & veg during the day & a proper dinner at night plus get plenty of exercise by going to a gym. I did this & lost 28 Ib in 3 months.
    You need to be determined and you need to cut out the fat in your food

  4. Michelle G said:

    What has worked for me is following a low-glycemic, slow carb diet. It totally cuts down on bloating, which seems to make the belly go first!


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