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Why do anorexic girls loose weight so quickly?

I was just watching a documentary and started wondering how that could be. I mean, wouldn’t eating 500 cal. or less a day slow down you metabolism and make you gain? and why is it you don’t here of those girls fainting or getting dizzy a heck of a lot? Wouldn’t they not have enough energy to even get up in the morning?

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11 Responses to “Why do anorexic girls loose weight so quickly?”

  1. elsie said :

    not eating
    throwing up alot
    DON’T try it

  2. Jennie said :

    you are exactly right. besides, when they’re older they will be fat b/c their metabolism will be destroyed now, leaving it pratically stopped later.

  3. lovey33 said :

    um they usually vomit their food or not eat any at all, so theyre not taking in any fat.

  4. Yamster said :

    When your body is not getting food it assumes there is a lack of it, so fat storages are preserved to keep you alive and your metabolism is slowed down for this. Eating normally again with such a slow metabolism causes rapid weight gain. Not switching back to normal would result in death. Weight loss is primarily from muscle mass, and yes, energy would be very little.

  5. Joe D said :

    yea cuz they are all in the hospital getting potassium and sodium pumped into them to keep them alieve…seriously they get hospitalized from passing out blacking out it happens all the time for them and some of them dont eat at all it does slow down the metabalism BUT u see it still burns off all ur muscle which isnt healthy once it burns off most of ur muscle then it goes for ur organs they dont lose fat…they lose weight and bf% goes up believe it or not until it gets to the point they have nothing left to burn but fat..then they are just like 70lbs of nothing

  6. phattygirl said :

    Bwcause u are not gettin the nutrients u need

  7. Sexyguy1o1 said :

    Well eventually, but your body has reserves to run in times of starvation–THAT’s why they lose weight so quickly. Their metabolic rate will slow down, but they will still be consuming less then they’re burning, and will lose weight. You’re right though, anorexic girls don’t make sense. That’s why it’s a disease.

  8. Neophyte said :

    cause when your body has no food to digest it starts to eat away the fat, after the fat is depleted it goes to your muscles. once the muscles are like 50% depleted then it results in death.

  9. Megan L said :

    well, there are ways of tricking your metabolism.
    and when you dont eat, your body will consume its fat for energy, creating weight loss.

  10. eva_lau631 said :

    Uh…You start burning your muscles and other tissues for energy. So look at it this way. A normal person on a diet would be at the number…let’s say 6. Then they eat. Which adds 4. Then they burn energy by exercising. Which takes away 5. So now they are a 5. But anorexic people are not eating so there is no 4 added to their 6. But the 5 is still taken away.

  11. Jubz said :

    Well if they were HEALTHY people then they would put on weight because of a slow metabolism, but like you said if they only eat about 500 calories (omg imagine that!!) a day then their body would be very weak. Imagine all the major organs trying to compete for energy, it’s really bad, the body couldn’t afford to waste the little amount of energy that it does get, into storing it. It will use it up as much as it can.
    Also because 500 isn’t a lot, there is no way it would be stored as fat because you need at least that (even more) just to stay alive without even doing much effort.
    I’m guessing as soon as they start to increase their caloric intake, they will put on weight really fast.

    So I guess their bodies are used to running on that small amount of energy…a bit like it’s adapted. Like I said, only an increase in energy intake will result in weight gain because it will shock the body at first and it will have excess energy which it doesn’t “need”.


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